• 4:46 pm North Carolina celebrates National Aviation Day
  • 4:25 pm Early voting for congressional elections begins Wednesday
  • 4:05 pm SoutheasternTimes.com: Francis Zober guilty of rape, kidnapping, 12 counts of second-degree exploitation of a minor and more
  • 3:58 pm Burney Pleads Guilty to Murdering Father’s Girlfriend, Sentenced to Up to 38 Years in Prison
  • 3:44 pm Bladen County Man Pleads to Shooting, Sentenced to up to 11 Years in Prison

A bill recently signed by Governor Roy Cooper could help counties like Bladen County to pay for certain types of infrastructure projects. NC House Bill 158 gives counties the authority to issue special assessments to benefitted properties to help pay for infrastructure needs.

The bill will benefit counties like Bladen County as it authorizes counties use private funds and issue the special assessment to repay those funds.

Governor Cooper signed the following bills this week:

House Bill 59: An Act to Make Technical Changes to the Revenue Laws
House Bill 158: An Act Authorizing Cities and Counties to Provide for the Payment of All or a Portion of the Cost of Critical Infrastructure Projects by Using Funds from Private Parties and Repaying the Funds by Making Special Assessments on Benefited Property and Clarifying the Recipient of Proceeds from a Performance Guarantee
House Bill 630 (Rylan’s Law): An Act to Establish Social Services Regional Supervision and Collaboration; Reform the Child Welfare System in this State; Improve Accountability and State Oversight of the Child Welfare System; Require Written Agreements, Corrective Action, and State Intervention with Social Services Departments; Create Regional Social Service Departments; Establish a Child Well-Being Transformation Council; Establish a Drivers License Pilot Project; Establish a Pilot Program to Authorize a Waiver of the Employment Requirement for Foster Parents of Children Receiving Intensive Alternative Family Treatment; Reduce the Time Frame a Parent Has to Appeal from a Termination of Parental Rights Order; Reduce the Time Frame for Licensure Approval Regarding Foster Care; and Require Child Protective Service Observation Before Physical Custody of Child May Be Returned