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Governor McCrory Submits Federal Assistance Request for North Carolina’s Hurricane Matthew Recovery

Gov. McCroryRaleigh, N.C. – Governor Pat McCrory submitted a formal request today to North Carolina’s congressional delegation for more than $1 billion in federal assistance to help the state recover from Hurricane Matthew. Initial assessments estimate that Hurricane Matthew caused $2 billion in economic damage to the state.

“Over the past several weeks, North Carolina has experienced severe flooding in the East, wildfires in the West and drought conditions throughout the state. Because North Carolina is one of the largest states in the nation in terms of both population and economy, these large-scale disasters that recently affected North Carolina will have a national impact. I am requesting the assistance of the North Carolina Congressional Delegation in securing federal funding during the remaining weeks of the 114th Congress for the benefit of our constituents and future generations of North Carolinians,” said Governor McCrory. “Although we have made wise investments to our rainy day fund since 2013, no amount of planning could have prepared us for the sheer scale and devastating nature of the disasters we have encountered since late September.”

In order to ensure that state resources can be maximized for recovery and mitigation at the state level, Governor McCrory has requested that Congress reduce the total amount of dollars the state will be required to reimburse or match for federal assistance programs by reducing the non-federal cost share from 25 percent to 10 percent.

At the height of Hurricane Matthew, 800,000 people were without power, nearly 3,750 people were displaced from their homes, 635 roads were closed, 34 school systems were closed and tragically, 28 individuals lost their lives. Preliminary estimates indicate more than 30,000 businesses suffered physical or economic damage impacting 40,000 employees. In addition, counties impacted by the storm account for roughly two-thirds of the state’s $8.1 billion in agricultural income.

The largest portion of the governor’s requested assistance is $810 million dedicated for Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery to address housing, water/sewer and utility infrastructure, jobs and agriculture needs. Hurricane Matthew damaged or destroyed nearly 80,000 residential structures with a total loss of more than $777 million. Funds for housing will not only replace damaged or destroyed properties, but also address long-term resiliency efforts including elevation, retrofitting and repair.

Other requested assistance includes $40 million for the Army Corps of Engineers to restore navigational channels to pre-Hurricane Matthew conditions. There is $41 million dedicated to repair 65 low, intermediate and high hazard dams damaged as a result of Hurricane Matthew to prevent future failure.

To offset estimated costs to restore damaged roads, clear debris and reopen critical roadways, the governor requested Emergency Highway Funding to ensure North Carolina receives $22 million it is eligible for through the program.

The governor’s request also includes $64 million dedicated to address Hurricane Matthew damage to farm roads, fencing and debris removal through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Conservation Program. An additional $46 million is requested to address watershed protection for farmlands.

To view the governor’s request, click here.

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