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Raleigh, NC – Governor Roy Cooper has mobilized approximately 550 North Carolina National Guardsmen to assist with upcoming security needs in Washington, DC and North Carolina. The Governor mobilized approximately 350 National Guard personnel for duty here in North Carolina, beginning this weekend to support state and local authorities and protect the well-being of residents, property, and the right to peacefully assemble and protest.

At the request of federal authorities, North Carolina will also send 200 National Guard personnel to assist civil authorities and local law enforcement in Washington, DC prior to and during the Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 20. This deployment is in addition to an already-planned 10-person joint communications team working to support the inauguration. The Guard will be deployed for approximately seven to eight days. This decision is based on threats of significant large-scale protests in D.C.

North Carolina is one of dozens of states providing personnel to Washington, DC in the next week. NC National Guard personnel have extensive experience in domestic operations and will not be operating as front-line law enforcement. The types of missions the NC Guard will perform are providing site security, establishing checkpoints and protecting critical infrastructure.

“Ongoing security concerns in Washington, DC and state capitals around the nation following last week’s attack on the US Capitol must be taken seriously, and I will deploy necessary resources to keep North Carolinians safe. I have spoken with state and federal authorities and thank the men and women of the North Carolina National Guard for their continued service to our state and nation,” said Governor Cooper.

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