• 7:50 am Bladen Recreation 5-7 Softball League: Suncats vs. Snowbirds
  • 7:33 am Bladen Recreation 5-7 Softball League: Diamond Divas vs. Sweet Heat
  • 7:09 am Bladen Recreation 11-12 Softball League: Thunder 14, Force 13
  • 6:48 am Pirates Are Elizabethtown DYB Coach-Pitch Runners-Up
  • 6:43 am Yankees Are Elizabethtown DYB Coach-Pitch Champs

Harrells, NC – To conclude their study of the Holocaust Memoir Night written by the late Elie Wiesel, ninth grade Honors English students at HCA read poems written by children who became victims of the Holocaust and created unique butterflies inspired by each of the poems. On Friday, February 16th, the 9th graders shared their projects with the 1st grade students reminding them that everyone’s life matters.¬† We are all special, and Christ teaches us to love one another despite our differences.

Ninth grader Abigail Madden says she “enjoyed sharing with the 1st graders that high school students sometimes get to play with glitter and glue as well! Also, it is a good way to learn about a difficult topic in a meaningful way.”