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On the last day of school for Harrells Christian Academy Middle School students, a special awards ceremony was held to honor the students in grades 6-8 who excelled in academics and athletics throughout the 2014-2015 school year.
Middle School Honor Roll for the Year
First row: Mary Kellan Creech, Will deAndrade, Noah Tart, Mary Lila Blackburn, Stefani Boussiass, Blake Bellanger, Lekea Boney, Joshua Roberts, Savannah Wells; 2nd row: Mackenzie Odum, Matthew Evans, Annabeth Ellis, Sophia Dixon, John Litton Clark, Ellie Carone, Taylor Batson, Stancil Bowles, Jeana Grace Bowker, Brice Bell, Michaela Hall; Brinkley Spearman, Elizabeth Sills, Seth Savage, Ivey Rouse, Anna Rackley, Stephanie Prestage, Gracy Peterson, Katie Johnson, Casey Johnson, Rachel Horrell, Twinkle Patel, Lydia Thompson, Seth Harrell, Jackson Hall.
Middle School Headmaster’s List for the Year
Rhylee Pope, Hill Lanier, Paige Hardison
Middle School Academic Awards:
First row: Stefani Boussias, Will deAndrade, Hill Lanier, Taylor Lucas; Rachel Horrell, Josh Barber, Ann Holland Bell, Brinkley Spearman, Rhylee Pope, Victoria Davis; 2nd row: Jeana Grace Bowker, Taylor Brinson, Stephanie Prestage, Ivey Rouse, Matthew Evans, Lekea Boney, Elizabeth Sills, Katie Johnson; 3rd row: Matt Darden, Morgan Moore, Madison Cannon, Lydia Thompson, Camryn Brown-Leak, Cody Wells, Sarah Benton, Blake Bellanger; 4th row: Annabeth Ellis, Paige Hardison, Elizabeth Benton, Stancil Bowles, Seth Harrell, Jackson Hall, Thomas Rhodes, Sierra Walton.
Middle School Athletic Awards
Front row: Casey Johnson, Noah Tart, Phagan Hudson; Back row: Aaron Smith and Stancil Bowles.
Middle School Highest Overall Average for the Year
Paige Hardison (8th grade), Will deAndrade (7th grade), Rhylee Pope (6th grade)
The Middle Crusader Award
Eighth grade student Stancil Bowles was the recipient of the Middle School Crusader Award. This award is presented to an eighth grader selected by the middle school faculty and Headmaster using the following criteria: Academic excellence – Honor Roll student and self-motivated; Outstanding personal characteristics – cheerful attitude, helpful to others, shows patience, friendly and kind; Outstanding school citizenship – sets example in following class and school regulations, enthusiastic about school and school work. Bowles is pictured above with his mother, Kim Bowles. 

First row: Joseph Phaneuf, Justin Smith, MaryKate Murray, Ashley Usher, Jessi-Kate Batts, Christian Rhodes, Amanda Sutton, Anna Russ, Bill Prestage, Caitlin Pusey; 2nd row: Kendrick Minchew, Laken Clifton, Rylie Evans, Tristan Crumpler, Christian McLaughlin, Evan Hardison, Taylor Johnson, Natalie Hardin; 3rd row: Paul Williamson, Mike Smith, Ben Prestage, Andrew Smith, Jordan Musselwhite, Brenden Johnson; 4th row: Cullen Hobbs, Margaret Clark, Anne Baker Bryant, Carl North, Ben Parker, Tanner Guthrie, Paul Williamson, O.H. Rouse; 5th row: Andrew Miller, Fredrick Strickland, Max Prestage, Spencer Cooke, and Garrett Carr. Not pictured: Quintin Faison

2015 Graduation Marshals: Catherine Armstrong, Madison Owens, McKenzie Parks (Chief), Rachel Bland, Michaela Stroud.

Senior Class Officers: Front row: Fredrick Strickland, Spencer Cooke, Natalie Hardin, Tanner Guthrie, and Ashley Usher

Valedictorian: Spencer Cooke
Salutatorian: Marykate Murray