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Help Keep Bladen County Clean

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Litter is piling up all over Bladen County and we need a solution.  It kills wildlife, looks disgusting, is hazardous to our health, and clean up doesn’t come cheap.  Litter clean-up costs the U.S. more than an estimated $11.5 billion each year.

Folks need to realize they are causing a real problem when they litter.  When you litter, you are not just affecting yourself.  Indirect costs include the degree to which litter reduces the value of real estate, deters a customer from entering a business, or a new employer from locating to a community. This issue affects our whole community.

Keep Bladen Beautiful promotes recycling, solid waste handling practices, and encourages individuals to take a great responsibility for improving our community environments.  However, volunteers are needed for this collaborative.  Steve Melson, with Keep Bladen Beautiful said, “Losing the state inmates was a devastating effect on us here in Bladen County.   Volunteers are needed, but we haven’t had a large turn out.”

Some of the roads most affected in Bladen County are Mercer Mill Road, Peanut Plant Road, Richardson Road, Cromartie Road, and Owen Hill Road.  Robert Mazur, Solid Waste Management Director, reminds us to, “Respect our resources.  Our resources are limited and it’s a shame to have to expend our limited resources to pick up litter.” Solid waste is down employees.    Mazur said, “I appreciate the employees we have.  We really have a great team, but we are stretched thin right now.”

The solution to the litter is not easy.  When asked what can be done about the litter, Pat Daughtry, with the Department of Transportation says, “People are welcome to get out and pick up the litter in their yards, even though, I know they didn’t throw it out, or they can adopt a highway.”   She continues, “Our man power has been practically cut in half.  We do have a list and we try to get the worst of the worst.  We haven’t had a crew available to pick up since before Christmas.”

A theme in all responses when asked what can be done about the litter, people need to pick up after themselves and losing the inmates in 2013 has had a huge impact on the clean-up process in our community.  To help in the solution there are several options.

  1. Do not litter.
  2. Ask our local law enforcement officers to crack down on people that choose to litter.
  3. Contact our elected officials and ask for help. Click here for a link to their contact information.
  4. Clean up our own yards.
  5. Volunteer your time with Keep Bladen Beautiful. The next meeting is the 3rd Tuesday in February at 5:30 pm at the Solid Waste Office.
  6. Form a team and adopt a highway. Contact, Becky White, Bladen and Columbus County Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator, 910-642-3760, visit, or call 800-628-4394.
  7. Start discussions and raise awareness.

Together we can help keep Bladen County a clean place to live, work, and play.