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Help Yourself and Others by Donating Blood

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By Charlotte Smith

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office will host a Blood Drive from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm on Thursday, October 14th. Donating blood not only helps others, but it helps the donor too. 

Studies show when you help others, you relieve stress and gain a feeling of accomplishment. In addition to helping yourself, you can say, “I helped someone in need today.”

Many people, cancer patients, trauma victims, young and old, need blood donations to get well and fight for their lives. When you donate blood, you can help multiple people at once. 

All blood types are needed. According to stats, 38% of the nation’s citizens are eligible to donate blood each year. However, only 10% donate. 

You can make a difference. When you give blood, you increase someone’s odds of well-being!

To sign up for the blood drive, please contact Sheryl Young at

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