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By Erin Smith

Rocks have begun turning up in unusual places in Bladen County painted in vibrant colors with inspirational sayings, smiley faces or paintings on them. They are the work of a movement of people who say they are trying to brighten everyone’s day.

The movement is growing each day with several states including Florida, North Carolina, Gerogis, South Carolina, Kentucky and more. Bladen County now has its own group on Facebook called Bladen Rocks

Jeff Kulp, one of the group’s members, said he became involved through his fiance, Crystal Ward. He said she is from Tallahassee, Florida where they had a similar group there. The idea is to brighten someone’s day by finding an inspiring message in an unusual place.

The rules for hiding a rock are simple. Find some rocks large enough to allow for painting faces, inspirational words or phrases, or scenery. Paint the rocks and on the back of the rock, add the reference to the Facebook group Bladen Rocks. Then hide them around Bladen County for others to find. You can hide the rocks anywhere from parks to public places.

If you and your family decide to paint and hide a rock, make sure your hiding place won’t cause damage. For example, don’t hide rocks in tall grass where lawn mowers could strike them.

Members of the group say it is a way to get people out and exploring all that Bladen County has to offer. You can also hide rocks in neighboring communities and use the hashtag Bladen County or your town. You can also provide clues to your rock’s hiding place with the group if you wish to do so.

You are encouraged to take pictures of any rocks you find in Bladen County and share them with the group. You are also encouraged to take the rock you find and hide it in a location. Everyone is encouraged to take part and enjoy hiding and hunting for inspiring rocks.