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Rep David RouzerWashington, D.C. – House Republicans unveiled a comprehensive plan to strengthen our national security by defeating radical Islamic terrorists, securing our borders, identifying new threats and restoring our influence abroad. This plan, referred to as “A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free,” is the product of several months of taskforce meetings and discussions.

“Our homeland is under attack by radical Islamic extremists. It is clear the President’s foreign policy is failing us at every turn. Now, more than ever, we need a comprehensive plan to prevent and defeat radical Islamic extremists.

‘A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free’ seeks to keep Americans safe from harm by putting forth measures to secure our borders, close security gaps in our transportation and immigration systems, strengthen requirements for those wishing to enter our country and increase our engagement within communities to prevent Americans from being recruited by Islamist extremists.”

“A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free” includes 67 recommendations for Congress and a like-minded President who understands the realities of this dangerous world. The plan sets forth a comprehensive framework to defeat terrorism, protect our homeland, tackle new threats and restore the American influence.

Under the leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan, members of the House Republican Conference have participated in regular taskforce meetings in an effort to address and combat our nation’s biggest challenges – including poverty, national security, the economy, the Constitution, healthcare and tax reform. “A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free” is the second framework of ideas released. House Republicans are scheduled to unveil more ideas over the next few weeks.

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