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How Transparent Are Your Governor And Attorney General?


Raleigh, NC — This week is National Sunshine Week, celebrated to encourage governmental transparency on every level. Governor Cooper campaigned on transparency, vowing to be more open than Governor McCrory. More than two years into his administration, Cooper is failing miserably and has to resort to vows that he will “try harder” to comply with a campaign pledge.

“It’s clear that Roy Cooper has a disdain for transparency,” stated NCGOP Communications Director Jeff Hauser. “In the spirit of National Sunshine Week, it’s time taxpayers knew just how many open records requests are outstanding that the Cooper administration has continued to ignore.”

In the interest of transparency, the North Carolina Republican Party wanted to know just what kind of stewards Governor Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein are with the taxpayers’ dollars. Open records requests were filed with the Cooper administration and the Department of Justice to find out how committed Roy Cooper and Josh Stein to governmental transparency.

“Attorney General Stein certainly likes to use his office to join frivolous lawsuits aimed at boosting his resume to fend off any primary challengers when he goes after Senator Burr’s seat in 2022,” continued Hauser. “Stein complained about budget cuts during last year’s legislative session, so how many of your taxpayer dollars is he spending on lawsuits that are nothing more than publicity stunts?”

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