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Bladen County Schools

The board of education has approved the following days as make-up time for students for the January 2 through 5, 2018 delays, early release, and closings due to inclement weather.

January 25 is now a regular student day in place of being closed on January 4.

Because the district had additional student time built in the school calendar to accommodate two inclement weather days, January 5 will be used in place of one built in day.

Due to a two-hour delay on January 2, a two-hour early release on January 3 and a two-hour delay on September 11 for Hurricane Irma, the remaining one day of additional inclement weather time has been exhausted.

Going forward, should there be any additional inclement weather days, time will need to be made up by students and employees by either additional days (which can include holidays) or additional time added to the school day.

Built in time for student days missed does not include any time that employees miss.  Therefore, any day that employees don’t come to work must be made up.

Saturday, January 27 will now be an optional workday for employees in place of time missed on January 4.

In place of time missed on January 5, employees will make up the time by either taking leave or completing make up time.

June 14 is now a required teacher workday in place of January 25 now being a regular school day. January 25 was originally scheduled as a required teacher workday.