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Increased risk for Southeast Coast announced

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By: Steven Pfaff, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service

The risk for direct impacts along the U.S. Southeast Coast has increased during the upcoming week. However, a lot of uncertainty remains regarding the eventual track. All interests are strongly encouraged to closely follow this potentially dangerous weather situation. 

The latest Florence Impacts Outlook states the following three points:

– It remains too early to determine if Florence will directly impact the Carolinas at this time, and to what extent. However, the risk of direct impacts continues to increase along portions of the U.S. East Coast this upcoming week.

– Regardless of the eventual track there is high confidence that large swells will affect area beaches through the upcoming week. The swells will create rough surf, life-threatening rip currents, large seas, & steep waves at inlet entrances.

-All interests in the Carolinas are strongly encouraged to closely monitor this potentially dangerous situation.

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