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Iphone and Ipad Tips: Big Changes for Dropbox

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By: Gordon Kinlaw

Dropbox – free

DroBoxlogoIf you are not a dropbox user, get it today. It’s a great way to store and share your documents on the cloud (on a web server). I have been using it for years.


Dropbox just added the ability to scan and document including multiple pages on your iPhone. Open the app, and assuming you have updated your app, you will see a “+” sign at the bottom of the app. IpadTips1

If you press the plus sign, a pop up menu will give you the choices on the right including “scan.”

Press “scan” and the camera will come up and auto-recognition will try to find document edges. Hit the camera trigger and on the next screen you will see the scan and an icon with a “+” sign to add an additional page.

On the same screen, you will see an adjustment button at the bottom where you can set the scan to b/w or original color as well as change the contrast.

If you do not have another page, hit next to store your document in dropbox using a jpg or png format.Tips2

After the document is saved, you can email or share the link.

Auto-Upload of photos.

Dropbox is backing off of this option for non-paid users because you take too many photos and it’s filling up the available 2 gigs of space. Keep them on your computer.

Create MS Office document

In the first “+” pop up menu in dropbox, there is a new “Create or Upload File” selection. If you select this choice, you can create a MS document, spreadsheet or powerpoint file . The catch is you must have those MS office apps installed on your phone. If you have the space, add them in. I had to take them off because they are HUGE, around 800mb each.

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