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Manage Your Ever – Increasing Camera Roll

 By: Gordon Kinlaw

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iphoneIf you have an iPhone 5 or 6, you know they make some really nice photos and videos. More and more phone users have iPhones now, especially since the release of the 6 and 6+.

How did you get to the point of having 1100 photos and videos on your iPhone and getting an alert that you are running out of storage space?

We never use those little digital cameras anymore because our phones are always with us and it shoots great photos that we can quickly share. You don’t have to remove a card and load the files on your computer anymore.  You just keep on

Camera Rollshooting and sharing and shooting and sharing, and then one day you can’t even read mail because there is 0 bytes left for use on the phone. And each new phone version makes larger photos to store.

I know you can’t just delete them and forget about them, I’ve been there recently with over 500 images on my phone. I had already saved them to my computer. I just couldn’t delete the 200 photos of my house construction from 4 years ago.

Did you know we lost 2 gig’s of storage when we got the iPhone 6 or upgraded our iPhone 5’s to iOS 8. The operating system is much larger and only allows you 12 gb’s of storage now rather than 14.5 gb’s.  (see image on the right)

About PhoneToday I saved 8.4 gigabytes of photos (2200 images) from someone’s iPhone 6 to her computer and burned them to DVD’s. She could not take any more photos and had “0” bytes available. It took about 2 hours to save and burn the images.  She will have to delete all of them manually on the phone. Apple made the shooting experience great and photo management difficult. This method of archiving is alternative A below and I will explain “A” in detail further down..

Here are some alternatives
  1. Save to your computer and/or to CD/DVD’s
  2. Save to iCloud/Photostream
  3. Save photos to other cloud services like Dropbox or OneDrive
  4. Save photos to one of the new flash drives like i-FlashDrive
  5. Lose your phone and all of your photos

I’m going to explain Alternative A since that is a permanent and complete solution I use now. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes will come up and you can choose to back up your phone. Note: A combination of A and C might be good also.

A.   Saving Camera Roll to Your Computer

Housekeeping: First of all, for the person who just said I don’t have a computer – you should use a friend’s computer to save your photos to CD or DVD before you drop your phone in water. If your computer is old or full, get it fixed because your family photos are very important. If you took it, you meant to keep it! You can also hire someone to save the images for you and make duplicate copies.

For Windows computers Computer

  1. Connect your phone to your computer using your USB charging cord
  2. Open your start menu and select “My Computer” or “Computer” and look for your iPhone to show up like an external storage device. Some computers may autoplay your phone and give you a dialog box with a choice of opening the phone’s
  3. Open the phone’s folder and find the photos that need to be offloaded. Do this by date or by viewing the
  4. Create a new folder in your Pictures folder
  5. Select the phone files and drag them into the folder you created in Pictures on your hard drive.
 – this saves a copy of your photos to your hard drive –
  1. If you have a program to burn disks, use it to burn your files
  2. If you have win7 or win8, select the saved files and a burn option will appear at the top of the windowLibraries
  1. At this point you can elect to delete the images from your hard drive and your phone. Be sure to check random files on the disk before you
  2. Always burn a duplicate disk of your photos and keep it at the office or at mom’s.

 For Macs: Use the “Image Capture” program that resides on your Mac to select and transfer images to your Mac hard drive.  Select the files and right-click to burn to disk.

Additionally, make a habit of backing up your phone using iTunes on your computer once a month.  Use that time to remove photos from your phone and burn a monthly photo CD.

But…. I want my photos on my phone to share and show

Get your photos saved now and recover the space on your iPhone. I explain how to get access to all of your photographs in the next article.

Alternative C with A – Upload via OneDrive

One Drive(I did this today)

  1. Download the OneDrive App on your phone
  2. Download the OneDrive program on your desktop. Mac’s download an
  3. Sign up for a OneDrive account to get 30 gig’s of storage. Do not buy
  4. When you log in to the app on your phone, it will automatically start uploading your photos from your camera roll. They will only upload on WIFI. Everytime you are on WIFI, the newest photos will be uploaded. If you delete a photo from your camera roll, it will not delete on
  5. Also log into OneDrive on your
  6. Find your OneDrive folder on your computer and check to see if your photos synced. It may take an hour or so if you have a lot of
  7. Follow the instructions in Alt A to burn
  8. When you have burned a disk and checked it, you can delete the full size photos and photos on your phone’s camera
  9. Do not wait until you fill up the 30 gig’s of storage to save them to DVD

 If you just don’t want to be bothered with any of this, call me!

 There will be a Part 2 of this article will include details of how to make small viewing files available on the cloud.

Scannable by Evernote – FreeScannable Evernote


I’ve been looking for an app to scan business cards since Linked-in discontinued their app. Evernote sponsors this app in hopes that you will begin to use Evernote or use it a lot more.Evernote 2

Scannable is a great app!! It will auto-scan your business cards and documents, crop them, file them away and share.

Scan your documents on a contrasting table or desk top so the auto scanner can delineate the edges. Business cards will be recognized if it has a normal business card layout and you will be able to add them to your contacts. If the business card is very cluttered with information, you will not have that choice.

Scanned pages will have the distortion

corrected and if you tap the document, you will be able to make specific crops if you don’t want the whole page.  This is great for saving a recipe in the middle of an article.

Evernote would like for you to get a free account to store scans there. You can also save your scans to camera roll or other cloud services or use “open-in” option to go straight to an app you have on your phone.

Yesterday I bought a bluetooth speaker at Wal Mart and I scanned the receipt at the checkout. I’ll go back and file it away later. You know how easy it is to lose a receipt. I stored the receipts in an Evernote notebook because that was the fastest option in the app.Evernote 3

  • Scan receipts for safe keeping
  • Scan receipts for travel reports
  • Scan business cards to phone contacts
  • Scan signed documents and mail
  • Scan documents that need to be mailed and signed
  • Scan and share signs or cards or menus or anything
  • Scan multi-page documents
  • Scan graphics to include in a document like this

Gordon Kinlaw

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