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Iphone/IPad Tips and Tricks: Give Walmart Pay A Try

By Gordon Kinlaw

If you haven’t tried the Walmart app, it may be time to give it a try ’cause if you live in Elizabethtown, you shop at Walmart. I saw a sign in the store about Walmart Pay so I checked it out because I like Scan-N-Go at Sams Club. Walmart Pay lets you pay with your phone without pulling out the cards or lets to shop at the store and leave your purse in the car. The BIG plus here is that Walmart keeps your receipts in their system!!!! No more lost receipts!!! Less paper in the floor of your car!!!

Go to the register and scan all of your items. On the credit card machine you will see a QR code displayed. Press Walmart Pay on your app and the QR code scanner will read the code and pay with your credit/debit card as soon as you OK the transaction. I assume that in a self-scan checkout you will have the same options. This is a much faster checkout than fumbling around for your card, inserting the chip card, waiting for approval and removing and putting the card away.

You will have to of course set up Walmart Pay with your cards. My cards were already in there because I have an account for ordering online. By the time you point your phone at the display the transaction is over and you can leave. No signing, No receipt!!

Here’s a screen shot of the main app and then another screen shot of the features below where you see Walmart Pay. Note that in the search field at the top, there are scanner buttons on the far right for finding products or doing a price check in the store. Store finder is really handy if you are on the road and need to find a store in your direction of travel.

The prescription feature looks very handy. You can transfer prescriptions, review your history and there are 2 ways to refill. You can type in the refill info or you can scan the label.

I look forward to a Scan-N-Go checkout one day like Sams. I saw it on a Walmart app screenshot on the web but it could have been a test.

New iPhone with Force Touch?

If you have a new iPhone 7 with pressure sensitive button touches, you may be wondering as I did: How do I put the phone in edit mode so that I can delete an app or move apps around the screen. Pressing the apps hard and repetitively will not work.

You have to “lightly” touch one app for about 1 second until the “wiggle” mode starts.

Are You Getting iCloud Message Alert On Your New Phone?

If you are seeing alerts on your phone about emails being sent to clear up some iCloud issue, it has to do with Apple Keychain. Keychain keeps passwords sync’d between devices and desktops. I looked for the email and never found it. I have lots of devices and this message was annoying. To cut it off, go to Settings/iCloud and cut “wallet” off. You will have to know your iCloud password to cut it off.

Socratic App – free

Socratic may be the answer to a parent’s nightmare: Math homework!!! See for more information.

It will scan text books and handwritten math problems and solve them for you and give you step by step process for arriving at the answer. You can also type in your question, any question. Be ready, you will not get a simple answer and possibly you will get a video answer.

I typed in a simple expression to solve for X and this is the result. 5x+36=41

If you think the solution is too complicated, it is really what your thought process has to be in order to solve this simple equation. I do not solve equations on purpose every day. but you actually do without thinking about some problem being an equation. Thankfully we don’t have many situations where we solve multiple equations with several variables.

If you type in “7 wonders of the world” you will get 6 or 7 screens full of information. See the web site to find out what subjects are covered in Scoratic.

Socrative FYI, is for teaching in the classroom. It has teacher and student logins. It is not related to Socratic.

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