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Iphone/Ipad Tips: Sams Club Game Changer & iPhone 7 Plus

Sam’s Scan and Go App – Free

I wrote an article about this type of app for Walmart a year or so back. They tested it and backed off. Of course Sams is part of Walmart, but when will it happen there and Food Lion and everywhere?? We are ready!

I was surprised by the large sign I saw in Sams Friday that advertised the Scan and Go App that was just released. I stopped in my tracks and lost my shopping thoughts, which are all tech-related and grabbed the phone to download the app. I had to grab the Manager walking by in order to get it fully functional. Add your credit/debit card to your account. I already had a Sams account so my billing information was there.


The features are very simple: you can scan each item as you put it in the cart (or when you’re done), you hit the pay button to select your card and head toward the exit door. Be sure you glare at the folks standing in line at the cash registers.

I think you will agree with me that Sams never seems to have enough cashiers working for the crowd trying to leave. If that’s part of their marketing strategy to give to time to remember more items to buy, us guy’s just don’t like it.

If you download the app right now it won’t do a lot so remember that you have to be on the store’s Wifi for the app to fully work. The Fayetteville store had a ATT Wifi. Pick up your first item, start the app and select the store if necessary. You will see a scan button at the bottom of the screen. Point it at the barcode on the item and you will hear a beep and then you should check the item and the price as it makes a list on your screen.

When you’re done shopping, make sure you have scanned all items and then hit the “checkout” button to select a card and pay. You can do this while you push the buggy to the exit. A large barcode exit ticket number will appear on your screen for the exit door checker to check you order like they always do.

1. Enter the store and connect to their Wifi

2. Download the app and add your account and payment information. This is not the Sams Club app that has been out for a long time.

3. Scan each item as you put them in the basket or when done

4. Hit the Checkout button to pay

5. Wave at nice folks standing in line

6. Show the barcode to the exit associate

Note that Walmart Grocery app will allow you to order on the app and an associate will hand pick your order. Call your local Super Walmart for more details.

iPhone 7 – Not So Free iphone-tips1

I didn’t see this one coming either – but the iPhone 7Plus phone flew off the shelf and exhausted all inventories. When Apple announced the phones a few weeks ago, they didn’t include the second camera on the 7, just on the Plus. Apple gets a little more revenue. I didn’t know that was a deal-breaker but it must be for millions of Apple fans so I’m thinking I should go up in size myself. My eyes are not getting any better. If anyone has a new 7 Plus, please comment back on the use of the camera.

iOS 10 – free

First of all – back up your phone before you move to OS 10.

Have you noticed that OS10 keeps up with your parking spot when you are shopping?? I am not sure but Apple Maps may have to be open when you park. The location should show up in the lock-screen notification page- swipe right to show this page. In map settings, it says that a bluetooth connection to your car is required when you park the car. Pretty neat but give it a test before you really need it.

Are you still swiping right to open your phone?? I am!! I am also swiping right to find the search and go menu that I really liked. In Messaging, press and hold your text or photo you just sent or received to add a few choice icons: thumbs up, thumbs down, heart, ha ha, exclamations, question mark. I like the feature of taking a photo in text message that doesn’t end up in camera roll but remember it’s stored somewhere in your phone.

Clearing Memory- ugh

Please remember that the trick to clear memory by trying to download a rented video has now crashed and burned. Apple must have got wind of it. Do not use this!

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