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Is the Climate Changing?

By: Cheryl Thurston

This year has seen its share of extreme weather events like: the worst volcanic eruption in Iceland, in 200 years (which finally calmed down in March); in May we had 2 weeks of worry about the Larsen C and Larsen B ice shelves possibly collapsing and the glaciers of Antarctica have been shown to be pouring large volumes of water into the ocean; and July 2015 was the warmest month ever recorded for the globe, (according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

I remember when I was a kid in central North Carolina, my Mom made sure that a heavy coat was included in my ‘Back to School’ wear because mornings and evenings in September were rather chilly back then.

Dr. Jong W. Kim, M.D., of Bladenboro, spoke to me about his opinion of climate-change and what can be done about it. He believes every one should keep an open mind and he is convinced that it will require a grassroots effort to effect a change that will improve the future, and an “every man” mindset to ensure the health of the planet, which will create a better quality of life. He is on a quest to encourage enlightenment and to bring our civilization into a cleaner and more enjoyable future.

“Explore the world around you and do not deny what you see,” he commented, “This is a physical planet and we are physical beings. We have amazing technology. Our society needs to wake up, and stand up, and shake off the chains of dependency on fossil fuels. Earth is rich in other resources like solar, wind, hydro, chemical, and magnetism, which can be exploited for our energy needs without polluting our atmosphere or melting our ice caps.” We have the technology to advance our civilization and reduce our demand for petroleum products. Dr. Kim believes that some of these technologies have come to us from intelligent extra-terrestrials.

The following is a list of technologies that are relatively new that have dramatically changed the world in which we live, (or could change it if we developed them). The Internet and Cellular Phones; Touch Screens and Voice Command technology; DNA sequencing and the Human Genome Project; Space Travel; Fiber Optics; Laser technology; Satellite Communications; Nano technology; Stealth Technology; 3 D Printing; Water-fueled automobiles; Driverless Cars; and Indestructible Fabrics, not to mention many technologies that have been sequestered by the Military Industrial Complex.

Congress created and enabled the Military Industrial Complex to maintain our national security and readiness to wage war. And in 1947, President Truman created an AdHoc Military Bureau named Majestic 12 to secretly investigate the threat to national security presented by UFOs and extra-terrestrial visitation.

By the time Eisenhower was leaving office in 1961, he warned America about the Military Industrial Complex and said, “We must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

On November 12, 1963, President Kennedy held a telephone conversation with Soviet Premier, Nikita S. Khrushchev, and issued memos to NASA and the CIA, instructing them to begin cooperating with the USSR in the field of “outer space matters.”

Dr. Kim explained that mathematics is the universal language and stated that he believes that the formation of crop circles involves a higher geometric. He suggested the possibility that this same higher geometric was used to create the Nasca Lines in Peru, in the distant past. He shared his enthusiasm for the documentary, “Sirius”, produced by Dr. Steven Greer, (born in Charlotte, NC), founder of CSETI. In the documentary, Dr. Greer explains how he appealed to Congress in 1990 for the Disclosure Project, whose goal is to disclose to the public the government’s alleged knowledge of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and advanced energy and propulsion systems.

Dr. Greer said, “The problem is not proving that UFOs exist, its when you begin to expose the energy and propulsion systems behind how they are getting here, you are talking about unveiling an entirely new science that would replace oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, public utilities, and this is a 600 trillion dollar problem.”

As a society, we have a lot to lose from acknowledging, accepting, and utilizing these technologies. Currently we are a petroleum-based civilization. When people hear petroleum they think oil and gas, but it goes so much further than that. Petroleum is heavily used in our modern building and packaging materials, home furnishings, automobiles, paints, and even medicines. If the world suddenly stopped using petroleum products the global economy would collapse and many of our modern conveniences would disappear. No more bottled water.

Dr. Kim urges every concerned citizen to educate himself or herself about green energy technologies, as well as sequestered technologies. He believes a combination of electro-magnetic, solar, wind, and chemical power could take the place of fossil fuels in many ways and break our dependence on petroleum, freeing us from the enslavement and politics that govern Big Oil.

Regardless of whether or not you believe intelligent life exists outside of our solar system, it cannot be denied that some very interesting and amazing technology is at our disposal.

Dr. Kim explained the implications associated with Ununpentium. Ununpemtium is an extremely radioactive synthetic super-heavy element that was first created in 2003, and added to the periodic table as element 115. Uup-115 is a stable isotope with an extraordinary ability to provide clean sustainable energy. According to Dr. Kim, 235 grams of Uup-115 in a reactor would generate energy for 30 to 40 years without suffering any fuel loss. Uup-115 has a half-life of 220 milliseconds and it is 289 times heavier than Hydrogen.

Dr. Kim contends that, “Our civilization has gone the wrong way in the field of energy because we have been manipulated by the Oil Industry. We have to rid ourselves of the fossil fuels that enslave us. There have been so many advances in science and medicine in the last 50 years, that we can now alter the genetic data of children while they are still in the embryonic stage.”

The human race has a history of sequestering knowledge when there is money to be made from keeping it secret. Examples of this would be paper-making in China 5000 years ago. Another is the silk industry which was protected to ensure the market value of silk goods went up but not down. Nikola Tesla created a coil that pulled electricity from the atmosphere for free, but the technology was buried by the giant power brokers of the time. Dr. Kim stated that even coffee was not known or available in Korea until the Americans came to the war there.

Every enlightened individual is aware that industries try to protect their trade secrets so as to maintain the value of their goods. But in today’s society, we are seeing a greater and greater need for clean, green energy industries, after such disasters as the Exxon Valdes spill and the BP Deep Water Horizon explosion. Dr. Kim commented that he would like to see communication with extra-terrestrial intelligences during his lifetime, and ask for their help in cleaning up the mess we have made on our planet. He suggests that we appeal to the UN and other World Organizations to actively seek contact.

I asked him if he thought people could accept intelligent life from other places in the universe, considering the religious compunctions practiced by some denominations regarding the denial of other intelligent life. He responded that he believes that some of the reluctance to accept extra-terrestrial intelligence is due to closing ones mind to the possibilities, or because of dogma that has been taught since childhood. “People”, he said, “compare prices, store brands, and so on, but they may not have had the opportunity to compare religions, or histories that were not written in America.” He concluded by quoting a line from the documentary, “Sirius” when he said, “We have the technology to take ET home.”

Looks like the climate for discussion has definitely changed.

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