Kessel Run Comics owned by Mac Barnes.

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By Leyton Ezzell

Kessel Run Comics has established its place in the Bladen County community, serving customers since May 4th, 2019. However, they’ve been forced to move operations from their usual brick-and-mortar store to an online-only service due to recent challenges. When reached for comment, Mac Barnes, part-owner and store manager for Kessel Run Comics, stated, “Eventually, it came down to the ultimatum of close now and pivot and switch up how we serve our customers and come back in a few years, or we go hard for another year and risk there not being anymore Kessel Run Comics.”

When asked about future operations, Barnes also stated, “I plan to continue to serve the community.” Barnes is concerned with one pressing difficulty: people will need to stay ahead of future solicitations in the number of books and titles the comic store will have for sale.

Barnes also follows up by saying, “I think I’ll be able to have more of a control on quantity and inventory week-to-week. I’ll definitely have a more steady expectation of products week to week.”

To shop, browse or find more information about Kessel Run Comics visit them online at www.KesselRunComics.net, on Facebook at @KesselRunComics, or on Instagram at @kesselruncomics.

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