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Kids Golf Clinic Scheduled For Vineyard Golf

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By Pam Taylor
Vineyard Golf at White Lake

OK kids & parents, I will be holding my Kids Golf Clinic at Vineyard Golf at White Lake Driving Range starting Friday at 6 p.m. for any kids 5 to 16. Clinic will be free and you do not have to be a member, just eager to learn the game of golf! We will also meet Saturday at 6 p.m., Monday at 6 p.m. and finish up Tuesday at 6 p.m. We will work on swinging and learning to hit the ball, also chipping and putting followed by playing a couple holes on Tuesday for those interested. Kids can come one day or all four, but come eager to learn the game of golf, the game I have loved my entire life!

I’ve had a lot of people asking when was I going to be holding a Jr Clinic. Please help share this info with family and friends so we will have a crowd of kids participating!! I try my best to do this every summer because I feel kids need to get outside, off the couch with the video games and off their phones and get some fresh air and exercise! Thanks to COVID I wasn’t able to hold this last year so I’m excited to get this started again!! It thrills my heart and soul when I’m working with kids and showing them how to hit that little golf ball, because when they do their little eyes light up, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile!

I’m prayerfully hoping that next summer we will be a part of a program teaching Kids not only golf, but life lessons as well! I’ve tried becoming a part of one of those programs in years past but I’m hoping and praying we can make it happen this time! Stay tuned in the months ahead for that, because if that happens I will need help getting that program started and will need anyone that can help financially, plus anyone that can donate clubs but mainly anyone that can donate their time to the kids as well! Please be much in prayer that we can get this off the ground and running!

Anyone else interested in helping for this four day event please let me know and come out at any of these times during the 4 day event!! I never know what to expect … sometimes we’ve had 10-12 and other times I’ve had as many as 25, so could definitely use lots of help so each kid gets the help they need to get started!

Thanks in advance!! See you all starting Friday at 6 p.m. Each session will last around an hour.

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