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Kids Health is important too

By: Healthworks Fitness and Wellness

Children are learning how to live healthy lives at Healthworks Fitness and Wellness through the HealthFit for Kids program. The program that started in June of this year is really making an impact on children’s lives.

According to Jeff Stephenson, Facility Manager, and HealthFit Program Director at the fitness center, introducing this concept at an early age helps to establish a healthy and strong attitude that will help combat the common adolescent problems of physical inactivity and childhood obesity.

Sandra Cain, who writes the For Better Living column, came out and gave a lesson on nutrition this week to the children in the HealthFit program. Sandra taught the children about what is healthy to eat and what is unhealthy.

Jeff said, “These kids I hope will understand some of this. I told them, when your mom and dad want to go to the grocery store, ask to go with them and pick out the healthy food.”

The goal for the program is to teach children how to exercise properly, eat a healthy diet, and live healthy lives. Jeff said, “One of the biggest things that bothers me is that when I first came here, I saw a news article about Bladen County being the one of the most unhealthy counties and the kids are coming up unhealthy too.”

Healthworks Fitness and Wellness is excited to offer this program this summer, according to Jeff. The program started on June 15th and there are four more classes left. If you would like more information on how to keep your children active, and healthy or if you would like to start living a healthier lifestyle, contact Healthworks Fitness and Wellness at 910-862-6533.

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