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Kiplinger news source has listed the top 10 worse states for retirees,
maybe better described as the bottom 10 and North Carolina was ranked
the 44th worst state in the United States for retirement in 2015.

The article summed up their North Carolina findings from a retiree tax
picture as “mixed.”

“The mild winters and pretty scenery may not be enough to lure you
into Tar Heel country,” according to the release.  “Typical household
incomes in North Carolina don’t track with the state’s above-average
living costs.  The average for all households is $64,490, the second
lowest among the 10 states we examined here and 14.0% less than the
U.S. average.  Older residents fare even worse, with income for 65+
households falling 18.3% below average,” still quoting the article.

“Poverty is a concern.  Ten percent of seniors live below the line,
versus 9.4% nationwide.  More troubling, the poverty rate for the
whole state is 17.5%, compared with 15.4% for the nation. Property crime
in North Carolina is above average.”

“As for taxes, besides Social Security benefits, which are exempt,
most other retirement income is subject to tax.  Effective 2015, North
Carolina switched to a flat income tax rate of 5.75%.  There is no
inheritance tax or estate tax, and older homeowners may qualify for a
property-tax exemption.”

The Kiplinger ranking listed The District of Columbia as the worst
place in the United States in which to retire.
The next worst place is California,
#3 is New Mexico
#4 is New York
#5 is Minnesota
#6 is North Carolina
#7 is Nebraska
#8 is Oregon
#9 is Utah
#10 is Texas

The top 5 states to retire to, according to Kiplinger is;
1)  Alaska
2)  Wyoming
3)  Nevada
4)  Georgia
5)  Arizona