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Kiwanis members, Emergency Responders work together on fundraiser

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Last week the Kiwanis Club members and Bladen County Emergency Responders met to work on making their Fifty-Fifty Fear Factor Fundraiser a success. The Kiwanis Club is hoping to receive help for their children’s program and the Emergency Responders are hoping to receive funds for their training facility.

The group met at the new Bladen County Emergency Services training facility and hashed out all of the needs. Bradley Kinlaw, EMS Director, took the group on a tour of the facility showing everyone all of the needs that have to be addressed at the facility in order for the emergency personnel to take full advantage of the property.

Kinlaw pointed out a building that houses four classrooms, but it can not be used due to the State removing all of the plumbing  when they sold the property to the county.

“We could use these four classrooms for much needed training if we had a bathroom,” Kinlaw said. The group has been hoping for a plumber to volunteer some time to help them with the bathroom project.

The Kiwanis Club and the Emergency Responders hope the fundraiser will help with addressing some of these problems, as well. The fundraiser is planned for Saturday, August 6, from 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Dublin Motor Speedway.

The group needs participants for the Fear Factor Fun Run, the Emergency Responders Apparatus Race, and the Mud Tug of War as well as vendors. The cost to participate in the events is $25 per event. For the Apparatus Race and the Mud Tug of War, teams can consist of up to four people with the $25 entry fee.

More sponsors are also needed! If you would like to be a sponsor of the event, contact any Kiwanis Club member or complete and return the forms linked below.

Everyone is invited to attend the fundraiser! There will also be a DJ, bounce houses, hamburgers, hot dogs, other foods and drinks and a lot of fun!

Fifty-Fifty Fear Factor Race Registration Form

Fifty-Fifty Fear Factor Vendor Form

Fifty-Fifty Fear Factor Sponsorship Form

Fifty-Fifty Fear Factor Fundraiser Flyer