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FAYETTEVILLE – West Bladen’s Knights saw their first physical contact against an opponent in the 2019 preseason Saturday as the Knights battled Douglas Byrd’s Eagles.

“We saw good effort from our guys,” said Knight Coach Jon Sherman. “That is what scrimmages are all about is effort. Sure we made some mistakes, but we can fix them.”

Coach Sherman was also pleased with the physicality of the Knights running game. Junior Kendall Johnson ripped off runs of 10 and 12 yards to lead the West Bladen runners.

“Defensively, we want to see 11 people going to collisions at the ball,” continued Sherman. “We only had about nine doing that today, but we are getting there.

“We need to clean up some things on offense, and work on our passing game,” added Sherman.

The Knights will travel to Wilmington Ashley for another scrimmage Tuesday at 6 p.m.