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Lara Trump Visits Elizabethtown, Stresses Importance of Early Voting

The town of Elizabethtown was abuzz with excitement on Friday afternoon as Lara Trump paid a visit on behalf of her father-in-law Donald Trump. A large crowd of Trump supporters were on hand to greet her at the Cape Fear Farmer’s Market on Friday afternoon.

Lara Trump said she is pleased to represent her father-in-law Donald Trump here in North Carolina. She grew up in North Carolina and took a job in New York after college. It was there she met and later married Eric Trump. Lara Trump said she returns often to visit her family and was honored when Donald Trump asked her to help him with his campaign in North Carolina. 

“He is an incredible, genuine good hearted man,” said Trump.

She reiterated the fact that this election is a very important one. Trump said that if elected Donald Trump will work to bring jobs back to the United States and work to improve the education system among other things.

She said that Donald Trump did not initially set out to seek an elected office. Lara Trump said that every day her father-in-law would read the newspaper and see things getting progressively worse and worse.

Lara Trump said Donald Trump is not a politician and he says what everyone is thinking.

She reminded those gathered that early voting begins on October 20. Lara Trump encouraged everyone to get out and vote. She thanked everyone present for their support.

She said North Carolina is a very important state and is a must win state.

“The way we win North Carolina is to win the early voting,” said Lara Trump.

She encouraged all voters to go to the polls early and let their voices be heard.

Those in attendance were pleased that a Presidential campaign felt the need for a stop in Bladen County.

“It makes me feel good that we have this kind of traffic in town and that the Trump campaign thinks it is very important to come here,” said Hobbs Sutton.

Barbara and Eddie Knight both agreed.

“I came to hear what she had to say. I think we are very fortunate to have someone from the Trump campaign come here,” said Barbara Knight.

“I came out here because we need to make Bladen County great again,” said Eddie Knight.

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