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Bladen County First Responder Training Facility near White Lake is used for a multitude of training sessions. This week has been no exception.

Wednesday concluded the most recent combined Training Session for less than lethal responses to resistance and de-escalation training for the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, according to  Sgt. Gary Turlington who is with the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Specialized Training Unit.

“The combined training event gave both agencies an opportunity to work together to foster a more efficient working relationship and to more efficiently serve our citizens in the region by having better trained officers,” Sgt. Turlington said. “Having better trained officers is congruent to more professional officers. Our goal during this training event was to provide enhanced awareness and capabilities for our officers to better protect our children in schools and to more efficiently deal with dangerous domestic situations at home, schools, or any other public facility.”

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This training was conducted by the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Specialized Training Unit and logistical support was provided by the Bladen Community College.

Trained and specialized instructors were on hand to assist with training. North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Sergeant Andrew Pait provided unique non-aggressive tactics training to mitigate resistive individuals. Sgt. Gary Turlington provided lessons on less lethal combative techniques for more resistive and non-compliant individuals.

Role players from Bladen County Emergency Management participated and provided on-site medical support personnel in the event of an accidental injury.

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