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Let’s Eat Out, But Where?

Health GradesAfter looking at the Health Grades report for May 2015, you may find several places you’d like to go to eat out in Bladen County. One local restaurant achieved a health grade score of 100%. We all know that eateries which are open to the public are inspected regularly to ensure food safety, but did you know that school cafeterias and hotel kitchens are regularly inspected too? 

Thankfully, the folks over at the Health Department take their duties seriously, because they are concerned about the public welfare and want us to be aware and informed about the places we frequent. The monthly inspections they perform are a benefit to everyone, keeping us all updated on which eateries offer the safest and cleanest dining.  When a monthly report comes in as nice as this one, it’s a pleasure to share the information.

One of the county’s school cafeterias also received a score of 100% , and many others were very close to it. This demonstrates the hard work and effort to keep things clean of those people who work in the food service industry. Please click the link to see the Health Grades Report for May.

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Establishment Grade Date of Inspection Location
China Town 90 5/21/15 Bladenboro
Diamond Dave’s 90 5/28/15 Bladenboro
Dona Mary 96 5/18/15 Garland
Galigo’s Family Restaurant 100 5/14/15 Clarkton
La Hacienda 94 5/20/15 Elizabethtown
A Taste Of Country 93 5/14/15 Clarkton
Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken Distribution 95.5 5/29/15 Elizabethtown
41 Grill 93.5 5/11/15 Bladenboro
Melton’s 94 5/20/15 Elizabethtown
Melvin’s 98.5 5/19/15 Elizabethtown
Minute Man 96.5 5/4/15 White Lake
Dove’s BarbeQue 94.5 5/4/15 Bladenboro
U Stop C Store 91 5/1/15 Tar Heel
Mac’s Market 95 5/28/15 Elizabethtown
School Cafeterias      
Bladenboro Primary 98.5 5/18/15 Bladenboro
Booker T. Washington 99.5 5/7/15 Clarkton
Dublin 99.5 5/6/15 Dublin
East Bladen 99 5/19/15 Elizabethtown
Elizabethtown Middle 99.5 5/27/15 Elizabethtown
Elizabethtown Primary 100 5/27/15 Elizabethtown
West Bladen 99 5/11/15 Bladenboro
Clarkton School of Discovery 99 5/7/15 Clarkton
East Arcadia 99.5 5/12/15 East Arcadia
Tar Heel Middle 98 5/1/15 Tar Heel
Carolyn’s Court 97.5 5/27/15 White Lake
Knight’s Inn 97.5 5/19/15 Elizabethtown
Goldston’s Motel 98.5 5/26/15 White Lake
Langston’s #1 97 5/26/15 White Lake
Langston’s #2 96 5/26/15 White Lake
White Lake Motel 97 5/22/15 White Lake
School Buildings      
Bladenboro Primary 97 5/18/15 Bladenboro
Community Christian Academy 98 5/19/15 Bladenboro
East Arcadia 94 5/12//15 East Arcadia
Meat Market      
Tienda Mexicana Leon 98.5 5/7/15 Elizabethtown
Dublin Pre-K S (Superior) 5/6/15 Dublin
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