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Let’s Eat Out, But Where?

By Cheryl Thurston

Health Grades

This year July was great for fun, food and celebrations. The summer weather was (plenty) warm enough, but we got the rain we needed too, so it seemed pleasant to me. I love summer. Its the time of year when folks go on vacation and either want to eat a cold sandwich or throw something on the grill and enjoy the great outdoors. People don’t mind cooking when they’re on vacation, but coming back from vacation is an adjustment to make. Some of us like to stop into local shops and delis to eat a lot of subs and grilled items after we return from the beaches, lakes, and mountains we visit.  Ah, July.

The fine friends over at the Bladen County Health Department know our tastes very well. In July they inspected some of our county’s eateries that serve up our summertime favorites. I’m glad to know that the safety and the sanitation of our food service industry is meeting their expected standards. is happy to bring you the reports of the inspections every month as a community service. Check out the list below. Bon Appitité.

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