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Let’s Eat Out, But Where?

By Cheryl Thurston

Health GradesGood-bye August, and take your humidity with you. I remember when I was younger and lots of folks didn’t have air-conditioning in their homes. If they cooked dinner at home, they had to sit on the porch until 11 p.m. because that’s how long it would take for the kitchen to cool off after using the oven. I don’t miss those days and don’t refer to them as the “good ole days” either. If I had my druthers, I’d spend August inside in the cool comfort of air-conditioning. On second thought, maybe I’d go out to eat, just so I wouldn’t have to do the dishes. Did you eat out more during August this year because of the heat?

Well the fine folks over at the Bladen County Health Department inspected many of our local eateries during August, and sent their report over to us. Here, as always, brings those reports to you as a community service. Check out the list below to see if your favorite restaurant is on the  list, and don’t forget to stop back by here every month for these informative reports. It’s good to know who is keeping their sanitation grades high, and who isn’t. Bon Appetité.

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