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Health Grades

Health GradesSometimes we go out to eat as a celebration, or as part of our vacations. This July, many of us will eat out a lot more, just because it’s July, or just because we were out playing and didn’t go home to cook. Sometimes it’s just because we don’t have time, or are too tired to cook at home, (or maybe we just don’t like to do the dishes). In either case, eating out equals knowing that someone unseen is preparing the food you are going to eat (or feed your children), and that is reason enough to question the cleanliness of the establishments we like to frequent.

BladenOnline is happy to offer our readers a monthly update on the health scores given to eating places in our county. You can rely on us as your news source for restaurant cleanliness, so that you can make informed choices when considering a vacation, date night, birthday celebration, or the simple escape from dish-pan hands.

Your local Health Department schedules regular inspections for restaurants, school cafeterias, grocery stores, and day-care kitchens. (Child and Adult) Every month they offer the reports for the grades that are given to the kitchens they have visited that month. Here are the grades for this month, listed with the establishment name, grade, date of inspection, and location.

**FYI** – Some establishments are given Letter Grades, some are on a demerit system.

Establishment                                    Grade      Date of Inspection      Location
Scotchman #10                                   98.5              6/8/15                     Clarkton
Tiny’s Lakeside Grill MFU                   97.5              6/15/15                   White Lake
Food Lion Produce                              99.5              6/3/15                     Elizabethtown
#1 Chinese                                           92                  6/15/15                    Elizabethtown
B&C Catering                                       95.5               6/6/15                      Tar Heel
Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken                  94.5               6/10/15                    Elizabethtown
Cape Fear Valley Healthcare               98.5               6/10/15                    Elizabethtown
Cindy’s Drive Thru & Catering              96                  6/12/15                    Elizabethtown
Compass Canteen/Carolina Foods      96.5               6/22/15                   Tar Heel
Dowless & Company                            91                  6/16/15
Giorgio’s Pizza                                     95.5               6/17/15                     Elizabethtown
Glenda’s Just Desserts & Lunch         96                  6/9/15                       Elizabethtown
Golden Run (Re-Inspection)               94.5               6/4/15                       Elizabethtown
Goldston’s Restaurant                         95                   6/8/15                       White Lake
Hibachi-Chinese                                  97.5               6/18/15                      Elizabethtown
Log Cabin                                             93                  6/22/15                     Tar Heel
Pizza Palace                                         93                  6/23/15                      Bladenboro
San Jose                                               94.5               6/11/15                       Elizabethtown
Tokyo Bistro                                          92.5               6/16/15                      Elizabethtown
Food Lion Deli                                       96                  6/3/15                        Elizabethtown
Kentucky Fried Chicken                        97.5               6/23/15                      Elizabethtown
Rowan Grill                                           95.5               6/4/15                        Ivanhoe
Ski Burger                                             98.5               6/15/15                      White Lake
Carolina Master Fried Chicken             95.5               6/22/15                      Elizabethtown
Champ’s                                                95                   6/11/15                      Bladenboro
Goldston’s Sandwich Shop                   96.5                6/24/15                     White Lake
Vineyard Golf                                        96.5                6/12/15                      Elizabethtown
White Lake Water Park                         93                   6/18/15                      White Lake

Elderly Nutrition Sites
Baltimore Senior Citizens                    97                    6/17/15                       Council
Natmore                                              96                    6/4/15                        Kelly
Elizabethtown                                     98                    6/23/2015                 Elizabethtown
Clarkton                                              98                    6/23/15                     Clarkton

Nursing Home Cafeterias
West Bladen Assisted Living              94                   6/9/15                        Bladenboro
Highland Gardens Assisted Living     94                   6/8/15                        Clarkton

Brisson Cottages                                98.5                  6/30/15                    White Lake
Lasley’s 98 6/12/15 White Lake
Melwood Court                                  98.5                  6/10/15                     White Lake
Silver Sands                                        95                      6/3/15                       White Lake
Sundeck Apartments                         100                      6/11/15                      White Lake

Meat Market
Food Lion                                           98.5                    6/3/15                        Elizabethtown
Inman’s IGA                                        97                        6/30/15                      Dublin

Summer Camps
Camp Bowers                                    97                         6/29/15                      White Oak
Camp Dixie                                        98                        6/24/15                      Fayetteville
Emmanuel Holiness                          98                        6/18/15                       Bladenboro
FFA Camp                                         97.5                     6/10/15                       White Lake

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