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It is with sadness that I write this letter as to why the Bladen Journal and Bladenonline DID NOT have the first article about today being Memorial Day 2023. We are talking about the day that has been set aside by our nation, the beloved United States of America, to remember and honor once again the many service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that you would have the right to keep the citizens of this great nation informed as to what is going on in our communities through the news media. Each day in the county seat there are monuments that bear the names of these beloved men and women; as the old country song says, “they are more than just a name on the wall”. These are the names of our native sons and daughters that died for the freedoms we hold dear to our hearts, freedom of the press, just to name just one of those freedoms.

It goes without saying that both of the news organizations mentioned above will print out a notice and hang it on the walls of your businesses that we will NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Bladen Country expects more than what you have showed over this most important holiday.

Living Veteran
Grover C Bryan Jr.

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