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Local Charter School Cheerleaders Win Scholarships

Leland – Four scholarships were awarded to members of The Roger Bacon Academy (RBA) cheerleading team at the 2018 Mid-South Pop Warner Scholar Banquet. The banquet, held at the Raleigh convention center, was attended by hundreds of football players and cheerleaders from across the region. RBA current and alumni students received the highest Scholastic Cheerleader Scholarships in the Mid-South for three out of four grades in the entire region. Combined, the scholarships totaled $3,000.

The Roger Bacon Academy is an educational management company serving four tuition-free charter schools in southeastern NC, which are operated by the non-profit Charter Day School, Inc.  The four schools include Charter Day School (CDS) in Leland, South Brunswick Charter School (SBCS) in Bolivia, Douglass Academy (DAC) in Wilmington, and Columbus Charter School (CCS) in Whiteville.


The scholarships were awarded to the following:


·        Top 6th grader for the Mid- South Region – Josie Tharp 750.00 (CDS)

·        Top 7th grader for the Mid-South Region – Jillian Hatch 750.00 (CCS)

·        Top 8th-10th grade for Mid- South Region – Montana Schmoll- 750.00 (CCS Alumni)

·        Top 8th-10th grade for Coastal Pop Warner – Mattie Tharp- 750.00 (CDS Alumni)


Jean LaFave, Head cheerleading coach and Dean of Resources at RBA, commented, “I am so proud of these wonderful, committed and well-rounded students. They give everything at practice and tournaments while still making sure to place academics first. They are inspirations to their team and classmates!”


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