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Local Restaurant Celebrates National Pizza Day

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By Cara Beth Lewis 

Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day… Get a Free Drink at The Dive Sandwich Shop!

Today, we celebrate the most popular pizza there has ever been… pepperoni pizza!

Everyone knows that pizza toppings are endless, and the wonderful thing about a pizza is that you can make it just how you like. Although there are many options to enhance your pie, pepperoni is known as the most popular choice.

Italian-Americans developed the topping that many of us know and love through sausage-making techniques. The first mention of pepperoni was in New York City in 1919. The topping became a staple in Italian delis and pizzerias throughout Manhattan.

Today, you can get your dose of pepperoni pizza right here in the Mother County. In fact, the Dive Sandwich Shop at White Lake has a special today in honor of National Pepperoni Pizza Day. The Dive says, “Order this dish on September 20th and get a free drink on us!”

The Dive is located at 1608 White Lake Drive in White Lake. They will be open until 7:30 pm. You can call ahead at (910) 247-6471.