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Love is in the Air

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By: Hailey Smith

Valentine orders have already been delivered by local florist. Couples celebrate the day in different ways. Beautiful flowers, tasty treats, and sparkling jewelry are the most popular gifts in our area for the sweet occasion. Our local florists have worked hard this season to offer Bladen County the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day.
Remember, for this holiday, you don’t have to shop out of town or on the internet. Our local business owners have the best variety for you to pick the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.
Bladenboro Flower and Gifts Photos:
Bladenboro Flower and Gifts is ready for the rush.  Dennis has squeezable stuffed teddy bears, flowers, balloons and more.  Their specials are cut and carry flowers for $24.95 and a Rose/Balloon for $16.00. Contact (910)863-3420 or check out their Facebook page for more information.  
Elizabethtown Florist Photos:
Ruth Haskins, owner of Elizabethtown Florist said, “This is our Black Friday.” Their shop is filled with flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, gifts and more.  You may visit their website,, to check out all the specials they have to offer.  You may contact them at910-862-4369.
Smellie Bloomers Photos:
Smellie Bloomers offers a wide variety of items. Michelle and Kelly, not only have flowers, they offer cookies, candies, clothes, jewelry and so much more.  Kathy Bunn, a local artist offers her Valentine’s cards and unique paintings at Smellie Bloomers as well.  To find out more about all their specials contact 910-862-2471 or visit their Facebook page.
Whimsical Flowers and Gifts Photos:
Vicky and Maurice Williamson Whimiscial Flowers and Gifts is offering flowers, balloons, chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet Oreo’s topped with fresh pecans on top of their everyday wide variety of gifts and jewelry. Maurice Williamson, store owner said, “We are delivering!”  For more information contact 910-872-9931 or visit their Facebook page or website,
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.