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McDonald’s receives mixed reviews, complaints online

By Katie Galyean

McDonaldsWhen you are in a hurry, and want to grab a meal on the go, many of us check out restaurant ratings via various apps or websites. One Bladen County restaurant has consistently drawn fair to poor ratings on some websites in some instances and a few rants, too.

A 1, 2.4 and 3.1 are all ratings which can be found online for the McDonald’s in Elizabethtown, according to Yellow Pages, Google and Facebook, respectively.

The McDonald’s of Elizabethtown has also received varying reviews form excellent to poor. On the ‘McDonald’s at 402 S. Popular St.’s’ Facebook page, 13 people rated it at 5 stars while 12 rated it at a 1.

One of the most consistent complaints found on this page was the cleanliness of the restaurant. The McDonald’s received a 91 on their health rating by the Bladen County Environmental Health this past March.

Another complaint was the speed at which the customers are served their food.

James Newkirk of Elizabethtown said, “They do good work, but not as good as they used to. They’re slower than they were a year [or so] ago.”

Emily Jackson of Bladenboro said, “My experience with the McDonald’s in Elizabethtown, it is 50/50. I have been through a couple of times and maybe my order wasn’t right or something I wanted they didn’t have, or maybe their machines were down. Any of the other times, I haven’t had a problem with it.”

Others around town have seen the McDonald’s as becoming better. Diffy Lewis of White Oak called the McDonald’s “much improved.”

There is a group on Facebook called ‘Boycott Elizabethtown McDonalds’ that consists of 637 members. Complaints and stories about the Elizabethtown McDonald’s are often posted in the group.

The organization that the Elizabethtown McDonald’s belongs to, the Raleigh Regional Office, could not be reached for comment.

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