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Here are links for Scorecast for Monday’s Dixie Pre-Majors World Series baseball game in Guntersville, Alabama, between West Bladen and Ozark, Alabama. The game is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Game information will not appear on Scorecast until a few minutes before the game.

The game will be played at the recreation park, which does not have Wi-Fi. In Saturday’s game at the recreation center, the cell signal was lost in the sixth inning. Hopefully, the cell signal will last through Monday night’s game.

Animated Scorecast: http://data.iscorecentral.com/iscorecast/baseball/scorecast.html?g=0a14aa5b-204d-1b42-bb66-58429a11fc36&dg=uhwwfutmyndh2rhhhz3vwxhcw6acc9znvn7vvwahus2rra67

HTML Scorecast: http://data.iscorecentral.com/iscorecast/htmlplayer.php?g=0a14aa5b-204d-1b42-bb66-58429a11fc36

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