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A staff report

Photos courtesy of Terri Dennison with the Town of Elizabethtown




Several Town employees were recognized for their outstanding service and dedication to the community at the recent monthly town council meeting.

In the photo are Juanita Hester on the left and Mayor Campbell on the right.

Juanita Hester was honored for her 35 years of service as Town Clerk. Mayor Sylvia Campbell presented Ms. Hester with a plaque and flowers in recognition of her commitment to the Town.

In the photo, left to right: Mrs. Susan Cheshire, Lt. Dwayne Cheshire, Mayor Campbell, and Town Manager Dane Rideout.

Police Lieutenant Dwayne Cheshire has retired after 29 years of dedicated service in law enforcement. The Council honored Lt. Cheshire with a Town Resolution, badge, and service weapon, commemorating his impactful career.

In the photo is New Elizabethtown Police Chief, Mark McMichael with his wife, Brooke McMichael, behind him. On the right, Attorney Goldston Womble is conducting the Oath of Office. 

Additionally, Mark McMichael has been ceremonially sworn in as the Town’s new Police Chief.


During the meeting, the Town Council approved significant agreements with North Carolina Sustainable Futures, Inc. for the Live, Work, Play project at Elizabethtown Industrial Park. This includes the Infrastructure Reimbursement Agreement and the Ground Lease and Option to Lease Agreement for residential housing, which will facilitate the construction of 284 workforce housing units.


This project aims to address the housing needs of local businesses, Cape Fear Valley Bladen County Hospital, Bladen County Community College, Bladen County Schools, and governmental agencies. It also provides housing options for new businesses considering relocation or expansion in the area, thereby reducing employee commute times and supporting local economic growth.


The next steps include finalizing an interlocal governmental agreement between the County and Town and securing approval for a resolution to accept and utilize the $15 million earmarked for infrastructure needs at the Live, Work, Play project. The County Commissioners are set to vote on these documents during their July 15th meeting.


This project has been nearly three years in the making and promises to significantly enhance local housing options and support economic development in the region.


Other actions taken during the meeting included approving a text amendment to the zoning ordinance regarding Truck Terminals, which prohibits the overnight parking of trucks in residentially zoned areas.



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  • July 4: Town office closed
  • July 4: Fireworks at White Lake
  • August 5: Town Council Meeting

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