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More Golf Terminology You Might Not Be Aware Of

Gardening: When you have to fix a divot or repair a ball mark

Grain: The direction in which the grass is growing on the greens; putts can be down grain, side grain
and/or against the grain all of which affect the roll of your golf ball. Not to be confused with that stuff in
your buddy’s flask.

Greenies: Hitting a green in regulation: One shot on a par 3, two shots on par 4, three shots on a Par 5.
Or the amount of Benjamins you win when you’re playing lights out.

Halve: In the match play format, when opponents tie a hole or a bet (front nine, back nine or overall), the
opponents split the point resulting in each side earning 1⁄2 point. Sharing sucks.

Inside the Leather: Refers to the imaginary distance that makes a putt a gimmie or not (it can vary
depending on how nice your golf buddies are). The more money you have on the line, the smaller the
circle of friendship.

James Joyce: A putt that’s nearly impossible to read.

Knockdown: A golf shot with a lower ball flight, usually played to keep it out of the wind.

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