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By Charlotte Smith

Tuesday morning there was an interesting development involving the Hog Industry lawsuits. There will be a new judge to preside over the next two trials involving the hog industry cases according to Naeema Muhammad, with the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network.

The third trial which ended on Friday with the jury awarding the six plaintiffs 473.5 million dollars in damages was presided over by U.S. District Court Judge Earl Britt. The next hog industry lawsuit was scheduled to begin the day after Labor Day in Raleigh; however with a new judge on the bench the next case may be heard sooner rather than later. 

There were many concerns voiced about the fairness of Judge Britt in the first three lawsuits. Judge Britt issued a gag order on the hog farm owners which is currently being appealed by Murph-Brown, LLC.

Smithfield Hog Production, doing business as  Murphy-Brown, LLC is the official defendant in the hog industry trials, but the hog farm owners and their employees are also greatly affected from the trials. Bladen County resident Billy Kinlaw from Dublin was the first hog farmer to loose his hogs after the Plaintiffs won the first case in the hog industry lawsuits. 

The third lawsuit also affected farmers in Bladen County, as well. One of the owners of Greenwood Livestock, Dean Hilton from White Lake, and his employees are holding on tight to see how their contract with Smithfield will be affected, according one of hog farm managers. HD3 Farms also owned by Hilton has Bladen County employees waiting with anticipation for the outcomes dictated by these lawsuits according to the manager.

The Priests, another Bladen County farming family from the Lisbon area, are lawyered up getting ready for their day in court, but they too are under the gag order from Judge Britt. No farmers can talk to the media about who exactly these cases are hurting their businesses, however, anyone can see the farms and their employees are affected.

The Plaintiffs in the 26 hog industry lawsuits are using lawyers from Kaeske Law Firm of Texas, working under a North Carolina law firm named Wallace & Graham of Salisbury. 

Naeema Muhammad, with the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, a 501 (c)3 non-profit promoting the environmental change in the hog industry spoke about the division between the hog farmers and the hog farm neighbors.

Many are calling the plaintiffs’ motives into question. One of the Bladen County plaintiff’s Priscella Dean Dunham, of White Oak, a retired magistrate of Bladen County, was arrested in July of this year for one count of felony larceny by employee. After her arrest she was suspended by the court, but has since retired and is a plaintiff named in the hog farm lawsuits.

Some of the Plaintiffs met Saturday in Warsaw with the North Carolina Justice Network. Muhammad, the Director of the organization said, “We are not their problem,” talking about the farmers.

She added her opinion about Smithfield’s practices saying, “They need to clean up their mess and install superior technology.”

To clarify the parties in the lawsuits the defendant is Smithfield Production doing business as Murphy-Brown, LLC. The plaintiffs in the cases are as follows according to court records; however these lawsuits affect many far and wide.

Elsie Herring
Robert Pickett
Jessie Brinson
Minnie Brinson
Gregory Brinson
Alisa Brinson
John Bannerman
Clarence Bannerman
Violet Branch
Olivia Vann Smith
Edna Walker
Annie Washington
Virginia Boone
Lillie Waymon
Jimmy Waymon
Jessie Lisane
Jacqueline McCalop
Carolyn Ann Glasper
Andrew James
Betty James
David McCleary Jarman
Wilma Diana Jarman Evans
Helen C. Dobson
James Davies Dobson
Rachella Dobson
Cassandra Chasten
Joan Hall Scarbough
Ward Scarbough

Lindsay Council Hall
Flora Hall
Bruce Hall
Felicia Johnson
Latoria Marie Johnson
Fostina Lisane Cooper
Evelyn Boney James
Barry Henry
Maxine Spencer
Rita Boney Butler
Alma S Rocha
Dorival S Rocha
Winfred Douglass Chasten
Jennifer Herring
Mary Lorena Williams
Lee Ann Williams
Antonio Williams
Jacqualine Newkirk
Willie Kea, Jr
Rene Miller
Betty Collier
Andrew High
Alice High
Antwan High
Gwendolyn High
Angela High
Cynthia High
Eric High
Ledesmond High
Titus High
Jacqueline High
Rosalyn Moore
Lorrine Robinson
Anthony Robinson
Margaret Greta Nicholson

Judith Worrell
Little Worrell
Iris High
Elsie Hockaday
John Hockaday
Lakechia Turner
Kentrel Davis
Erma Jean Miles
Notis Holt
John Lashley
Melvin Lashley
James Lashley
Hattie Tucker
Leroy Broadie
Michelle Garner
Brenda Garner Bing
Ricky Lee Gray
Belinda Deborah Boone
Tracey Scott Godley
Mary Ethel Adams
Walter Guy Adams
Rudolph Adams
Carolyn Adams
Margaret Stewart Adams
Phyllis Monte Adams
Shannon Adams
Michael Johnson
Lois Stewart Banks
John Everett
Regina Everett
Sharon Robinson
Don Webb
Susan Webb
Isaac Ward

Randy Davis
Julie Davis
Lillie Davis
Luke Davis
Lloyd Davis
Jennie Davis
Ethel Davis
Dennis Best
Kelly Best
Dennis D Best
Ethel Best
Buddy Joyner
Katie Joyner
Jeremiah Mathewson
Susan Mathewson

Kevin Pierce
Tanner Pierce
Mindy Pierce
Manuel Raya
Gabriella Raya
Victor Raya
Olivia Raya
Gene Pearson
Edith Pearson
Kelly Pearson
Deborah R. Wolfe
Joyce McKiver
Dennis McKiver
Delois Lewis
Carl Lewis
LaJune Jessup
Daphne McKoy
Alexandria McKoy
Antonio McKoy
Fred Lloyd
Archie Wright, Jr
Teresa Lloyd
Tanechia Lloyd
Daisy Lloyd

Deborah Johnson
Priscilla Dunham
Annette McKiver
Karen McKiver
Brionna McKiver
Edward Owens
Pamela Kaye McMillion
Joe Powell, Jr
Rededieth Morrissey
Timothy Morrissey
Marilyn Alderman
Norwood Alderman
Dennis Burton
Geraldine Burton
Willie Burton
Ollie Burton
Carolyn Davis
Sharade Davis
Hermetta Judge
Thurman McArthur Judge
Natasha Judge
Maya Judge
Myrton Judge
Isolene Scarborough
Rachel Scarbrough
Raquan Scarbrough
Council Glaspie
Joyce Ann Glaspie
Melissa Glaspie
Deborah Peterson
Gregory Peterson

Collins Lopez
Ernestine Savage
Jimmie Savage
Dorothy Jackson
Nova Williams
Cartha Williams
Elvis Williams
Vonnie Williams
Woodell McGowan
Elaine Carlton
Anthoy Carlton
Barbara Gibbs
Kenneth Carter
LaTonya Carter
Linnill Farland
Georgia Farland
David Carter
Dreama Carter
James Davis, Sr
Jacqueline Davis
James Davis Jr
Robert Carter
SAbena Carter
Eunice Anderson
Talley Saunders
Edith Saunders
Jerry Boney
Annie Hayes
Mae Mazyck

Nicholas Woodard, Sr
Evelyn Woodard
Dominique Woodard
Shatinah Woodard
Tony Farrior
Kecia Farrior
Annnie Harper
James Harper, Jr
Jediael Leak
Janice Pickett
Richard Willimas
Margaret Williams
Calvin Melvin
Debbie Melvin
Celestine Brown Smith
Sandra C Bethune
Donald David Carr
Carolyn B Carr
Gregory Carr
Robert Bethune
Delois Bethune
Gemell Bethune
Jeffery Lanier
Doris Chasten
Julaine Bennerman
Annjeanette Gillis
Woddy Gillis
Daqwan Robinson
Gwendolyn Pickett
Allen A Johnson
William Murphy
Edna Murphy
Roberto Murphy

Mary Tatum
Lottie Fowler
Darlene Fowler Maynor
Kim Newton
Connie Newton
Kiron Newton
Glenda Barton
Emma Lou King Collins
Adlene Herring
Denzel Herring
Joe Herring
Annie Herring
Howard Murphy
Joynce Murphy
Ned Robinson
William Robinson
Helen McKoy Blanks
Kandace Blanks
Master Blanks
Nicholas Blanks
Andrew Lee Brown
Ann Frances Brown
Tammaura Marshaye Brown
Cyril Harrington
Danielle Marie Harrington
Katrina Harvey
Barbara McKoy Jamison
Lawandra Dinah McKoy
Marvin Devon McKoy

Billie Monroe
Cleveland Adolph Monroe
Louise Vernell Monroe
AverdyAdrayle Willis Jr
Carolyn McKoy Wright
John Baker
Betty Baker
Mackie Baker
Raeford Batts
Rosemary Batts
Detria Batts
Ronald Lee Baker
Joyce Ann Hardison
James Whitley
Minnie Mae Price
Lemuel Price
Felicia Bannerman
Terra Kenan
Shirley Temple Kelly
Joe Terrana Kelly
Alonzo Kelly
Iola Pickett Hall
Evangeline Kenan
Tony Orlando Hall
Eddie Ray Hall
Francel Cheryl Hall
Freeman Sealey
Betty Jean Sloan
Jerry Sloan
Edward Ingram

Russell Picket
Geneva Pickett
Frederick Pickett
Geeorge Pickett
Patricia Parker Pickett
Sarah Ann Pickett
Perry Pickett
Retha Pickett
Marvin Gay Pickett
Laura Pickett
Walter Pickett
James Arlanda Pickett
Joseph Dean Pickett
Lannie Faye Pickett
Evett Pickett
Brian Pickett

James Willoughby Sr
Rosie Willoughby
Cheryl Flowers
Charles Lee Wade
Mary P. Wade
Mary W. Jones
Mekonne Shonte Swann
Sara Lou Batts
Corey Batts
Raymond Batts
Rohoda Campbell
Alma Sharpless
Mildred Kenan
Harry Edward Kenan
Panzyta Kenan
Edythe Kenan Brown
Alex Sharpless
Pauline Hill
Adele Whitehead Jones
Fostina Jones
Deborah Goodman Totten
Lavern Fullwood
James Anthony Miller
Oshonia Sherryl Miller
George Alton Martin
Sondra Marshell Martin
James Henry Rose
Queenie Elizabeth Rose
Martha Joy Miller
John Dee Faison
Bernita Faison
Glenn Faison
Elaine Faison Hunt

Brenda Atkinson
James Atkinson
Anna Morrisey
Katie Morrisey Brunson
Salisa Best
Robert Carr
Linda Evans
Viola Herring
Bobby King
Joanne King
Carolyn Mathis
Dorothy Mathis
Douglas Mathis
Thelma Mathis
William Mathis
Jerry McLarin
Trumilla McClarin
Richard Blow
Elverett Hall
Aaron Wesley Hall
ARtis Hall
Scotty Hall
Ethel Lee Hall
James Dully Hall
Pamela Hall
Ray C. Hall
Wilma Hall
Gregory Collins Hall
Emmett Hall
Carolyn Hall

Shirlynn Blow
Jannett H. Bush
Clara Miller
Herbert Miller
James D. Bowen Jr
Dwayne Bowen
James Alfred Henry
Shanita L. Henry
Charles Herring
Joyce Roberts Herring
Lou Frances Herring
Joyce Herring Roberts
Geraldine Humphrey
Gorden Humphrey
Tony Bennett
George Ester Fennell
Jerry Fennell
Daisy J. Fennell
Linda Girley
Percy Girley
Harry Murphy
Sheila Murphy
Darien Jerome Murphy
Oliver Murphy
Patricia Melvin Pratt
Harry Lee Smith
Precious L Smith
Rosa Smith
Mary E. Underwood
Betty Williams
Herman Steven Williams
Terry Terrelle Williams
Willie Thomas Williams
Daisy Williams
George F. Williams
Shirley Williams

Ben Artis
Diane Artis
Lucy Sidberry
Edna Allison
Jimmy Carr
Gertie Jacobs
James Jacobs
Leola Jacobs
Joyce Messick
Willie Messick
Eddie Nicholson
Lenora Nicholson
John Taylor
Phyllis Wright
James Holmes
Lenora Holmes
Estate of Ida Cromartie
Jennifer Marlena Bromartie
Sheena Cromartie
Tracy Shameka Cromartie
Patrick H. Cromartie, Jr
Darlene Jones

Bobby Monroe
Rita Monroe
Samuel Deveon Monroe
Bobby Farron Monroe, Jr
Annie L. Monroe
Charles Monroe
Deborah Monroe
Edward Monroe
Jarmar Tremaine Monroe
Richard Laverne Brown
Jacqueline G. Hill
Patricia Montgomery
James Montgomery
Casandra Monroe Murchison
Nyiesha Kierra Murchison
Willie James Murchison
Belveria Ann Webb

Delphine Murray Williams
Ivan Danyell Williams
Linda Williams
Daniel Williams
Lular Francis Williams
April Satrice Murray
David Earl Murray
Ervin M. Murray
Brenda Lee Murray
Wilbery Gary Murray
Bobby James Wyckoff
Thelma Jeanette Wyckoff
Sharon E Kirk
Deborah J McGee
Lowinelyn McGee
Tonga Boney
Annie Carr
Dwight Carr
Kimberly Carr
Wilbert Carr
Dwight Delane Dixon
Wanda Carlton Dixon
Peggy Ardean Fennell
Tiara Monet Fennell
Rosalind Lee
Marilyn Matthews
Ronald Matthews
Jonathan Mathews Jr
Annie Rawls
Cynthia Loretta Dixon Hall
Loretta Byrd
Daniel I Miller

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