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New Multipurpose Building at Tabernacle Holiness Church

Tabernacle Holiness Church and Multipurpose Building
Tabernacle Holiness Church and Multipurpose Building

Goals have been reached at the Tabernacle Holiness Church in Council and new services will be offered due to the churches hard work and dedication. The weekend of September 5th and 6th was a time for celebration for the church’s family and friends, not only because they held the “Family and Friends Weekend”, but they also held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Dedication Service for their new Multipurpose Building.

Dr. Linwood Copper, the presiding Bishop of the Believers Holiness Church Conference which is affiliated with the church in Council, led a procession Saturday, September 5th, from the church sanctuary to the new building where the Ribbon Cutting and Dedication Service took place for the new Multipurpose Building at Tabernacle Holiness Church according to Minister Dr. Pearly Graham Hoskins of Tabernacle Holiness Church. According to Hoskins, the building has not been named yet, but will be used for church activities and community out reach.
Minister Hoskins said, “One of our first community events to be held will be a ‘Hands Only CPR’ class on Saturday, November 7th, 2015. This class is being offered free of charge to people in the community.
Hoskins explained the importance of the class, “Knowing CPR and how to use it the AED device is vital to this community as they are located at least 20 miles from the hospital.”
The multipurpose building has been a work in progress since the church’s 100th year anniversary in 2004 according to Hoskins. The early years were spent praying, planning, and raising funds. She said, “We are thankful to the Tabernacle Church family and to our may friends and supporters for their prayers, hard work, and dedication to this project and their financial support. Our fundraising efforts are ongoing and their continued support is appreciated.”
The church had a picture of the late Bishop Dr. Odell Fulton placed in a seat in the front of the assembly during the dedication service and a moment of silence was held in his memory, according to Minister Hoskins. She said, “The late Bishop Dr. Odell Fulton was remembered for his inspiration to all of us over the years as we worked toward realizing this dream. He was our Pastor for twenty-nine (29) years and donated the first $100 toward this building fund.”
Mark your calendars for the “Hands Only CPR’ class on Saturday, November 7th, 2015.
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