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Raleigh – Colonel Glenn M. McNeill Jr., commander of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, provided remarks to the 76 newly promoted members of the state highway patrol, their families and friends in a ceremony today in Cary.  Of the 76 members, 10 civilian members were recognized for their recent promotions by Deputy Commander Vic Ward.  The newly promoted members were given their oath of office by the Honorable Chief Justice Mark D. Martin of the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

“In assuming these positions of leadership you will sew on new stripes and place new brass upon your collars, but true leadership requires so much more,” said Colonel Glenn M. McNeill Jr., commander of the State Highway Patrol. “Leading others is a privilege and a great responsibility that requires a heightened sense of integrity, professionalism, ethics and loyalty which are all pillars of our organization.”

The promoted members names, ranks, and duty stations are being provided for your information.


Lieutenant Colonel:
Major J. A. MelvinSupport Services (Raleigh)Lieutenant ColonelCommander’s Office (Raleigh)
Captain D. B. ConleyTroop C Headquarters (Raleigh)MajorField Operations (Raleigh)
Lieutenant T. W. PopeTraining Academy (Raleigh)CaptainTroop C Headquarters (Raleigh)
Lieutenant T. E. RobinsonMotor Carrier Enforcement (Raleigh)CaptainField Operations (Raleigh)
Lieutenant  M. A. MarshburnProfessional Standards/IA  (Raleigh)CaptainProfessional Standards/IA (Raleigh)
First Sergeant C. K. ParksTroop B, District 4(Kenansville)LieutenantTroop B Headquarters (Fayetteville)
First Sergeant A. L. HillSupport Services (Raleigh)LieutenantTroop B Headquarters, (Fayetteville)
First Sergeant T. T. DanielsTroop B, District 9 (Fayetteville)LieutenantTroop B Headquarters (Fayetteville)
First Sergeant K. D. BellTroop E, District 9 (Salisbury)LieutenantTroop C Headquarters (Raleigh)
First Sergeant L. T. McPhailTroop C, District 7 (Durham)LieutenantTroop C Headquarters (Raleigh)
First Sergeant E. L. ThompsonTroop E, District 2 (Albemarle)LieutenantTroop E Headquarters (Salisbury)
First Sergeant M. D. WikeTroop G, District 5 (Waynesville)LieutenantTroop G Headquarters (Asheville)
First Sergeant M. S. WhaleyTraining Academy (Raleigh)LieutenantProfessional Standards (Raleigh)
First Sergeant B. T. SnotherlyInternal Affairs (Raleigh)LieutenantInternal Affairs (Raleigh)
First Sergeant R. P. HooksTraining Academy (Raleigh)LieutenantTraining Academy (Raleigh)
First Sergeant J. D. BrewingtonTroop B, District 7 (Lumberton)LieutenantTraining Academy (Raleigh)
First Sergeant:
Sgt. W. W. EveretteTroop A, District 2 (Hertford County)First SergeantTroop A, District 3 (Pasquotank County)
Sgt. E. C. HarrisTroop B, District 6, (Brunswick County)First SergeantTroop B, District 5 (Columbus County)
Sgt. G. E. RhewTroop C, District 3 (Wake County)First SergeantTroop C, District 1 (Nash County)
Sgt. J. P. Bobbitt, IIITroop B, District 8 (Harnett County)First SergeantTroop C, District 2 (Wayne County)
Sgt. K. J. McCrayTroop C, District 4 (Vance County)First SergeantTroop C, District 7 (Durham County)
Sgt. J. C. GrayTroop D, District 4 (Caswell County)First SergeantTroop D, District 4 (Caswell County)
Sgt. M. L. HaunnTroop E, District 5 (Stokes County)First SergeantTroop E, District 2 (Stanley County)
Sgt. K. L. BlakleyTroop E, District 9 (Davidson County)First SergeantTroop E, District 9 (Rowan County)
Sgt. C. R. JonesTroop F, District 1 (Burke County)First SergeantTroop F, District 4 (Iredell County)
Sgt. T. R. MillerTraining Academy (Raleigh)First SergeantTroop F, District 5 (Catawba County)
Sgt. B. G. JonesTroop E, District 4 (Forsyth County)First SergeantTroop H, District 2 (Richmond County)
Sgt. E. J. HoffmanHaz Mat Ops (Cary)First SergeantHaz Mat Ops (Cary)
Sgt. P. MarshallTroop D, District 9 (Chatham County)First SergeantInternal Affairs (Raleigh)
Sgt. M. D. BakerPublic Information Office (Raleigh)First SergeantPublic Information Office (Raleigh)
Sgt. M. L. EmmertSupport Services (Raleigh)First SergeantSupport Services (Raleigh)
Sgt. B. D. SmithTroop B, District 9 (Cumberland County)First SergeantTraining Academy (Raleigh)
Sgt. J. W. BrightTraining Academy (Raleigh)First SergeantTraining Academy (Raleigh)
Sgt. R. G. CraterCIT (Winston Salem)First SergeantCIT (Winston Salem)
Trp. K. R. BriggsTroop A, District 3 (Chowan County)SergeantTroop A, District 2 (Bertie County)
Trp. C. L. HerringTroop C, District 9 (Wake County)SergeantTroop A District 2 (Hertford County)
Trp.  J. R. ChappellTroop A, District 1 (Currituck County)SergeantTroop A District 3 (Chowan County)
Trp. M. A. RiggsTroop A, District 6 (Craven County)SergeantTroop A, District 8 (Carteret County)
Trp. K. N. ThomasTroop B, District 8 (Harnett County)SergeantTroop B, District 1 (Cumberland County)
Trp. J.C. HorniakTroop B, District 9 (Brunswick County)SergeantTroop B, District 6 (New Hanover County)
Trp. J. L. MortonTroop B, District 3 (Onslow County)SergeantTroop B, District 7 (Robeson County)
Trp. J. D. EdwardsTroop B, District 4 (Duplin County)SergeantTroop B, District 8 (Harnett County)
Trp. C. M. GarnerTroop C, District 4 (Franklin County)SergeantTroop C, District 1 (Nash County)
Trp. C. J. DurhamTroop C, District 9 (Durham County)SergeantTroop C, District 8 (Halifax County)
Trp. M. P. CapeCIT (Benson)SergeantTroop C, District 8 (Northhampton County)
Trp. D. L. SloopTroop D, District 3 (Rockingham County)SergeantTroop D, District 4 (Caswell County)
Trp. E. T. PhillipsTroop E, District 1 (Davidson County)SergeantTroop E, District 2 (Stanley County)
Trp. J. T. SelbaTroop E, District 5 (Surry County)SergeantTroop E, District 3 (Rowan County)
Trp. B. S. StokesTroop E, District 5 (Surry County CountySergeantE9, Surry County (S&W)
Trp. R. M. LancasterTroop G, District 4 (Buncombe County)SergeantTroop G, District 1 (Madison County)
Trp. G. R. ReynoldsTroop G, District 9 (Buncombe County)SergeantTroop G, District 4 (Buncombe County)
Trp. J. A. MetcalfTroop G, District 2 (McDowell County)SergeantTroop G, District 1 (Yancey County)
Trp. B. L. BaucomTroop H, District 9 (Mecklenburg County)SergeantTroop H, District 2 (Richmond County)
Trp. D. T. HarrisTroop C, District 9 (Granville County)SergeantTroop H, District 2 (Scotland County)
Trp. D. J. EggersTroop E, District 6 (Cabarrus County)SergeantTroop H, District 3 (Union County)
Trp. K. M. AdkinsTroop F, District 5 (Lincoln County)SergeantTroop H, District 4 (Cleveland County)
Trp. M. T. PierceTroop H, District 3 (Union County)SergeantTroop H, District 5 (Mecklenburg County)
Trp. J. R. CrottsTroop H, District 4 (Cleveland County)SergeantTroop H, District 5 (Mecklenburg County)
Trp. J. M. ThomasTroop D, District 9 (Orange County)SergeantTroop H, District 5 (Mecklenburg County)
Trp. B. D. SudduthTroop D, District 6 (Randolph County)SergeantTroop H, District 6 (Hoke County)
Trp. D. E. SoutherReconstruction Unit (Newton)SergeantReconstruction Unit (Newton)
Trp. W. T. SmithTraining Academy (Raleigh)SergeantTraining Academy (Raleigh)
Trp. C. D. KnoxTroop D, District 9 (Guilford County)SergeantPublic Information Office (Raleigh)
Trp. A. M. Pait