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Happy Thanksgiving! 3 things to know for Thursday, November 26

1. We all know about the pilgrims and the Indians celebrating the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth in the 1620s. But did you know that it was President Abraham Lincoln who made the last Thursday in November as the country’s official Thanksgiving Day in 1863? “Thanksgiving and Praise to our benefit Father who dwelleth in the Heavens,” Lincoln proclaimed.

2. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt declared that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November instead of the last Thursday. Remember, in some years, November has five Thursdays. Even back then, politics had to stick its nose in the debate. Is nothing simple? Finally, Congress and the White House agreed, and, beginning in 1942, Thanksgiving was the fourth Thursday in November.

3. It’s estimated that Americans will gobble up 46 million turkeys today. Then, Friday, we’ll gobble up the leftovers between two slices of bread.

And now you know.

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