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Old Fashioned Planters Day enjoyed by many

By Erin Smith

A bright sunny morning in Ammon was punctuated with the chugs and hisses of hit and miss engines and the sounds of antique tractors as the Old Fashioned Planters Day was held at the John Graham farm.

The event featured displays of antique farm equipment, antique cars, hit and miss engines, and demonstrations of saw mills and antique equipment.

Jimmy Arno set up and demonstrated his 1925 Witte 3 in one saw.

“You can run it as a saw or take the saw off and use the engine to run another piece of machinery,” said Arno.

He added, the three in one saw was used to cut cord wood for stoves and fire wood.

Arno said he and his family have been attending Planters Day for a number of years and they also travel to Denton for Thrashers’ Day each year also.

Arthur Boykin attended Planters Day on Saturday.

“We brought our old cars out here and we are here to look around. See what is going on,” said Boykin.

David Crowder of Fayetteville said he and his friend J. E. Hudson have been coming to Planters Day for a couple of years.

“We enjoy it,” said Crowder.

Live entertainment was held on the stage during the day including Neil Smith and Cross Talk and Hannah Wheeless performed a dance routine to Mylie Cyrus’ The Climb. Beauty queens also visited with vendors and the public alike.

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