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Opinion: Clearing Things Up About Naming the Bridge for Lt. Ron Allen

by Alice Allen on the Opinionated Banter page

I need to clear up something about the naming of the bridge for Lr. Ron Allen. There are procedures to go through to do this. The County Commissioners did not select him it was the citizens of Bladen County. Applications have to be completed and sent to the DOT , letters of recommendations have to be sent and an investigation has to be done by DOT. This has been worked on for over two years. The Proclamation is sent to the Commissioners to be voted on and sighed. It has to be unanimous. The first time it was but it had to be changed from road to bridge in wordage. The article put in paper by the three commissioners was not a total truth. They never said any of this to me they told me it was politics and my son got caught in the middle. Two said they would eventually vote for it. And for the record Chief David Hungsinger was there to support us his son is also a Fallen Fighter and there were other Chiefs there also. Anyone there would have seen them. Our county is blessed to have such outstanding First Responders.

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