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Opinion Series: Team Work Makes The Dream Work

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by Trey Johnson

Everyone knows that success takes teamwork in some form. It does not matter what occupation you are in or how you earn your living, chances are, you are part of a team.  So let’s talk about the importance of team work.  Do team work really makes the dream work or is it just a good ol’ saying we all like to hear from time to time.  I tried to think of a time when I had great success with no team members.  It was a difficult task trying to remember that long ago because it rarely happens, if it really happens at all.  Because truth be told, it probably only happen in our minds. So let me get to the point but first. Remember my first article and the purpose of the series. I think some of you may have forgotten, so let’s take a minute to review our purpose. I decided to write a series of short articles addressing our educational challenges in Bladen County.  The thought to write these short articles came to me when I realized that something has to be done to help bring the community together.  That’s a positive thought, right? Hey, just trying to be a good team member.

Now that we got that out of way, back to todays’ topic.  More often than not, team work require us to work closely with people we might not necessarily get along with and that’s ok.  As adults, we can be professional enough to get the job done without allowing our personal feelings and beliefs to interfere in what we are supposed to be doing to make Bladen County an attractive location for families.  I have a friend who travels around the country trying to entice businesses to build in Bladen County.  That’s a very important job but he’s got to have something to sell and convince these businesses to relocate to our county.  His job can become a lot easier when he can just tell them all the great things we do in Bladen County.  That includes telling the business owners that we take care of our students in Bladen County.  Our student’s success and well-being are high up on the priority list in Bladen County.

Sometimes the people you dislike the most can be the person that bring the most insights to the table for a fruitful discussion. But listen, everyone has to be willing to give a little for the success of the team.  Team work requires everyone to sacrifice something for the win. At the end of day, the win is more important than any individual accomplishment could ever be worth.  Bladen County wins have to come in the form of doing what is right for our students.  Sometimes losing is not an option when it comes to our kids. Again, winning for our kids is something that should bring us together. I ask you, the adults, please do not make this about you, this is about the kids, it should always be about the kids. I do not know about you but I would prefer to be on the winning team.  I can look around and feel proud about how we started out, how we stuck together when times were tough and how we came together to win. Let me press rewind, I can look around and feel proud about how we started out, how stuck together when times were tough and how we came together to win.  That’s the greatest feeling in the World. Everyone is smiling and happy days are here again.  Bladen County let’s be proud of how we started out, let’s be proud of how we stuck together when times were tough and how we came together for the win.  Team work makes the dream work. Let’s start that conversation by putting aside our personal differences to go “FOR THE WIN!”

Trey Johnson

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