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Opinion Series: Transparency is the Best Policy

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by Trey Johnson

I am pretty sure that most people in Bladen County are aware of the events that took place at the last Board of Education meeting. What really gets me is the fact that people think operating in secrecy is the best policy. When in fact, transparency is the best policy. You are not going to be successful with secrecy against the very people that elected you to serve in the first place.

Let me explain why transparency always wins over secrecy. Transparency is not about the community agreeing with your decision. It’s about the community being well informed about why a particular decision was made. Our leaders really need to reevaluate their leadership practices and decisions. The members of the community deserve to have their questions answered and their concerns addressed. Good leaders are willing to hear arguments for and against their decisions. Citizens deserve to have their voices heard. Trying to silence the citizens of our great community will only cause them to have less confidence in our elected leaders. Leaders are obligated to listen to the concerns of their constituents and address those concerns openly and honestly. That’s what being transparent is all about. That’s also how you cut back on speculation and rumors. Being transparent with your decisions, popular or unpopular, takes courage. As a leader, you are not going to please and satisfy everyone with the decisions you make, but at least everyone will know how and why you made that decision. Leaders take ownership of their success and failures in public and in private.

Lately, in Bladen County, there are a lot of secret decisions being made by our leaders. These secret decisions are causing the public to lose more and more trust in our elected leadership. That, my friends, is anything but transparency. Let’s correct this course of action and get back on track with our decision-making processes, leadership, and transparency. After all, no one is perfect, and no one is expected to get everything right all the time. However, being open and honest is an easy task. Openest and honesty lends itself to being transparent. Transparency is clearly the best policy and something that can bring us together as a community. Think about that for a minute.

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