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Opinion Series: We Need Heroes!

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By Trey Johnson

Everyone needs a hero and that is true now more than ever. Listen Up Bladen County Schools, we have been dealing with this pandemic for over a year and it may be even longer. We all have to face the fact that we must learn to live with it. But truth be told, we need heroes in Bladen County Schools. We need leaders to reach across the aisle and work together because that’s how you get things done. That’s how you bring us together by truly putting our kids first and not saying it because it sounds good. Heroes are important in today’s society so someone has to step up and think outside the box to make what seems impossible possible.

Thinking outside the box is what is going to get us back on track in Bladen County Schools. As I mentioned in previous articles, we are not working together. The fact of the matter is, it’s painfully obvious. Just look at the distribution of the work load since the pandemic. Some in the school system are doing what they have always done or less. That’s not a swipe at anyone but it’s the goodness to honest truth. This is why we need heroes to champion for our kids. All kids. We need diversity at all levels of the school district to get multiple points of view. Say what you want but you can’t show a true passion for something unless you know the negative impact or feeling from past experiences.

When we sit down with our families to watch a movie at the end we expect to see a hero who saved the day. Heroes in education are working hard everyday but most of those heroes are not the decision makers. They are the ‘rubber meets the road workers’ that drives the train for every day processes. I’m talking about the hero at the decision making level who says ‘we are going to do what is best for all children in Bladen County Schools’ and mean it. Heroes that have a vision and can see what is invisible to others. That’s what makes them special leaders. Heroes find a way to say ‘yes’ when it seems impossible to do by others. Most of us have been there when every one in the room says no it can’t be done and then a hero steps up and says yes we can and this is how we can. I know you are recalling one of those moments. Everyone who leaves that meeting are left wondering how in the World did she come up with that solution when no one else was even close.

I remember seeing a sign in one of our schools that says ‘Vision is the Art of Seeing What Is Invisible To Others’. Every time I walked into that school, I stopped to read it as a reminder and one day it was gone. Yes, Bladen County Schools the vision will be gone just like that sign was here one day and gone the next. That’s what happens when we have no more heroes, people who are willing to step up and a way to say yes and do what is right for all children. Let’s become that school community of Heroes where others look too for direction and not the other way around.

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