• 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 4:06 pm Piedmont Natural Gas urges customers to save time and money by keeping their service on during summer months
  • 3:56 pm USDA Announces February Income over Feed Cost Margin Triggers Second 2019 Dairy Safety Net Payment
  • 3:37 pm Satchmo: Tribute to Louis Armstrong 7pm Saturday April 27
  • 3:32 pm Plastics Manufacturer Expands in Richmond County with $5.3 Million Investment
  • 3:27 pm Statement Regarding Cooper’s Veto Of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Thoughts While Shaving

Growing older has some advantages, some disadvantages….Think about how cold it is outside, early in the AM and give thanks for a warm home and no reason to be outside…..also give thanks for the fact I could, if it was necessary.

Memory does not improve with age….forgot two meetings yesterday….promise to do better today.

Weather forecast for Bladen County, today and tonight…Sunny, with high in the mid 50s, tonight, patchy fog after 3 AM and low in the mid 30s.

Partial shutdown still ongoing in D.C.  Began, if memory is correct, the 3rd week of December, 116th Congressional members were sworn in January 3.  Reasonable folks should find a solution, most likely one that no one likes, but acceptable to a majority and get back to business.

Maybe we should consider a government like Great Britain, if leaders fall out of favor with a majority of the ruling body, call the question and find a new leader.  Reasonably sure there are flaws in their system as well, in fact a vote is expected today.

Stock market reasonably strong in recent days….good for retirement programs, pension funds, etc., and for retirees….

Enjoy watching the moon through the leafless trees, a beautiful sight…It doesn’t just happen….someone in charge bigger than you and I.

Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart….

Laughter is brightest, where food is best.  Irish proverb

I am thankful for every moment….

robert g hester