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Opinion: Thoughts While Shaving

A reminder of the MLK, Jr., parade through downtown Elizabethtown Monday, 11 AM.  Following the parade, Rev. Jerrold Lowry will  speak, followed by a light lunch at Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church.  Special music will be provided by a Cooperative Choir made up of the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church Choir and the Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church Choir.  All are invited to the parade and the service..

I am embarrassed about the election ‘mess’ in Bladen County; however, may be a blessing in disguise….Seems many other counties have irregularities in one form or another that need a review or a cleaning-up.  Wish Bladen was not the center of the ‘bad stuff’.

Would be nice if leaders from both political parties and state officials could come to the table, admit irregularities, maybe ‘smoke-a-peace pipe’ (with just tobacco, no funny stuff) work together for the good of the citizens of the state and counties.  And, how about the Governor and Legislature participating?  Make a positive difference to the point where voter’s confidence is restored in the system.  We, you and I,  deserve it.  I plan on voting for a long time and I want my vote to count….one time in each election.

Crap continues at the national level….no end in sight.  He who laughs last laughs loudest….but it is not really funny, disgusting is a better description of it all, both sides.  Reminds me of my younger days, in grade school.  Remember shooting marbles, one person would get mad, take his marbles and leave…childish ‘stuff’.  Many of our leaders appear to need an attitude adjustment….As a youngster, that came after some time alone in a room I normally shared with siblings, time to think…to reassess what’s important.

I still love calling Bladen County home.  I know in my heart the ‘good folks’ out number the bad like 99 to 1, heck I don’t know how many. I do think a few are ‘hell-bent’ on tearing down, for whatever the reason.

Changing the subject….saw a video recently of Dolly Parton doing an Elvis impersonation of ‘All Shook Up’.  Elvis shook from the waist down, Dolly was mostly from the waist up.  I enjoyed it so much, I watched it again.

How about a few Yogi Berra thoughts?  Berra was an all star catcher for the New York Yankees for many years…..

Little league baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parent off the streets.

We made to many wrong mistakes.

We have deep depth……,(and one more)…I didn’t really say everything I said..

robert g hester


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