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Thoughts While Shaving

Public service can be a wonderful career for an individual who is prepared to take a few ‘licks’ along the way, it is not for everyone.  The highs tend to be higher and the lows….lower.  Must have tough hide and a pretty good size ego.

Interesting turn of events yesterday in the NC Board of Election hearings related to the recent 9th Congressional District contest.  Mark Harris, the Republican candidate who appeared to be the winner last November, called for a new election.  He and his supporters thought he had won by about 900 votes, before charges of voting irregularities were discovered, mostly in Bladen County.

Meanwhile, criminal investigations continue locally related to alleged voting irregularities in the area. If there are others involved, hopefully investigators will identify and charge all guilty parties.  Appears a few have caused a black-eye for many.

North Carolina is now two US House members short of a full slate with the recent death of Rep. Walter Jones, and thousands have no representation in the US House of Representatives and that includes about half of Bladen County.  The other half of the county is represented by Congressman David Rouzer.

Why in the world should Bladen County be in a Congressional district that covers an area from Charlotte to Elizabethtown?  Bet some of the folks in Mecklenburg and Union counties are thinking the same thing.  Of course, those who chose to not follow the rules could do it in any district…and sometimes they are caught and hopefully charged….

Public service is still a noble calling for many…..

Enjoy your time in public service.  It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life.  Donald Rumsfeld

I learned that public service is a privilege that must be based on moral foundations.  Shimon Peres

For me, public service is an honor, and I have the ultimate respect for the rule of law.  Brian Sandoval

robert g hester