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  • 5:02 am Henry Pate Ties For 27th In Anderson Golf Tournament
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  • 4:45 am Thoughts While Shaving for August 19
Thoughts While Shaving

The cost of a second election process for counties in the 9 congressional district will be paid for by county governments.  Don’t know anyone happy about a do-over.  But, no other option.  And, many prognosticators think the votes cast will be less….To be determined.

Another lawsuit determined by the court system….Smithfield Foods lost again, truth be told the grower is the loser.  This time it was a case that originated in Duplin County.  Seems unfair that most cases are tried in Wake County, most likely Wake County jurors….

It’s been a tough week for blueberry growers.  Temps dropped below freezin’ at least a couple of times, not good….and a reminder, the blueberry industry is the number one crop in the county, if memory is correct.  Hopefully little or no damage.

Remember when tobacco was the top money crop in Bladen?  Still grown in some areas of the county, but nothing to compare with the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I recall when the opening of the Border Belt tobacco markets was a huge event throughout eastern North Carolina.  Not uncommon for the Governor and the N.C. Secretary of Agriculture to be on hand in Clarkton for the opening day of sales.

Average high temp in March for Bladen County is 67 degrees, average low is 40.  For February, average high is 59 and low is 33.  Skip ahead, average high for April is 74 and low 48.

A reminder, Daylight Savings Time begins tonight.  Spring forward…

An older teacher asked her student, “If I say, ‘I am beautiful,’ which tense is that?”  The student replied, “It is obviously past.”

Math teacher: “If I have 5 bottles in one hand and 6 in the other hand, what do I have?”  Student: “A drinking problem.”

Teacher: “Where was the Constitution of India signed?”  Student: “At the bottom of the page!”

robert g hester